Traitor Luis Guitierrez Mocks Christians, Demonizes Texans, Promotes Open Borders In One Speech


weasel luis2

The little fighting rooster as Rep. Luis Guitierrez is known delivered an anti-American speech in Spanish on the floor of the House, mocking Christians, debasing citizens, insulting Texans and Republicans.

A rooster is a poor choice of animal. Weasel is a better fit.

He praised foreigners coming into the country illegally who are allegedly victimized by an abusive American system. In his own country, foreign invaders would be jailed.

He accused judges who blocked the unconstitutional amnesty of being “politicians.”

Lawbreakers pay taxes, therefore they should be allowed to break the law. He fails to acknowledge the welfare payments paid out to illegals.

He insulted Texas: “Reality and Texas should really get to know one another.” Ripping into the Governor and legislators and the people of Texas as irrational conspiracy nuts, the little fighting weasel is betraying his chosen country.

The word traitor fits him exactly. He is fighting for foreigners to take over our country illegally. As he engages in treason and promotes open borders, he has the unmitigated gall to insult and ridicule America’s citizens.

The little weasel believes the president has the right to assume the role of a dictator in violation of our constitution. Again, he’s a traitor.

The slimy politician doesn’t represent Americans in Congress, he represents foreign invaders. The citizens are impeding the progress of his transformation of America.

He is a Marxist through and through.



  1. English is the official language of these United States. It is illegal for this congressman to give a speech in Spanish on the House floor. He should be censured.

  2. Washington has lost their moral principles and loyalty to our country. Politicians have become pathological liars, sycophants self serving individuals with the idiology that the ends justiffied the means. Republicans and Democrats are the same. We have some good people running for office like Rand Paul and others but the oligarchs that control our government own the US news media and use the media as a political propaganda machinery to place in office their man. I hope the American people be able to see the truth and vote for Rand Paul. May God help us to see our way to our freedom and give us the courage to take our country back.

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