TRAITOR! Snowden’s Betrayal of the United States Exposed



Photo of Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden is unquestionably a traitor and he might be a Russian spy. He gave the Washington Post, the 178-page budget summary for the National Intelligence Program which details the successes, failures and objectives of all 16 US spy agencies. This is also in the hands of the Chinese and Russia. There is no question that they would take the information off his hard drive.

The Washington Post published 48 pages of the budget and withheld the rest after consulting with President Obama.

The budget reveals details about our technology and intelligence agency recruiting mechanisms.

Snowden revealed the NSA’s “groundbreaking” U.S. encryption-breaking effort targeted squarely at internet traffic and now Russia and China have it as well.

Information leaked includes the amount of money we have spent since 9/11, hacking efforts by US intel, re-investigations of contractors, US interest in friends and foes. Efforts to deal with chemical warfare are also described.

The leaked information, according to James Clapper, provides tremendous insight into our priorities, capabilities, sources, and methods to counter threats.

The Washington Post picked up several articles in foreign newspapers indicating that while Snowden was in Hong Kong, he stayed at the Russian Embassy, which, if true, makes it obvious that Russia colluded with Snowden well before his request for asylum. Russia was in on the fact that Snowden was much more than a whistleblower but Putin wanted the rest of the world to believe that is what Snowden was.



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