Traitors in Government


It is time to take a look at both sides of the aisle. Political corruption is at an all time high, and it’s dismissed by the media. It starts at the top with Obama who has pushed an anti-American agenda, and forced the United States towards Third World status.

Richard Cloward and Francis Fox Piven
Richard Cloward, Francis Fox Piven

The Cloward-Piven strategy is working to perfection combined with the Saul Alinsky tactics now being used by both sides, The citizens of this once great country are confused, tense and coming to a point where our national pride is seriously at stake.

It is my opinion that our President is not a fool, but is actively using his power to cause a decline in this country through political correctness and multiculturalism.

There are those that feel our country is in need of a good dose of reality. I agree that all that has happened over the past years under Obama will lead to further degradation of our national standing. Whether it is the subject of race, religious freedom, the freedoms of speech and association, there are patriots who will not let the current administration go any further.

Barack Obama

In Obama’s mind, the worst part of America is Americans, and he will do his best to limit pride in the country. No sooner did he get in office than he declared our country unexceptional, no different than any other. His apology tour at the start of his Presidency should have been enough for the American people to determine this man is incapable of doing the job he lied so well to get. He has gutted the institutions to “fundamentally transform” the country into the banana republic of his mentors, Socialists and Marxists who hold a deep disdain for America.

The failure of this administration to take into account the suffering of the people under the massive changes in healthcare and over-regulation is a far cry from what we were promised. Some of the media harken back to the days of the inept Jimmy Carter. Compare the failed Carter mission to rescue our hostages in Iran with Obama’s red line in Syria, which he later said he never set. Neither one was successful, due to cowardly incompetence and a failure to understand the conditions on the ground.

Today’s Democrats are progressives, socialists, Marxists and anarchists. It is telling that the Democratic Party just passed a resolution backing the “Black Lives Movement”, a conglomerate of thugs, Soros-backed professional rioters, and pantywaist liberals.

This is just another step to the Socialist agenda they have set for America. They will use the Marxist teachings and push Islam to achieve their goals.

The Progressive caucus, or the Democratic Progressive Party, a long standing communist-influenced party has taken over the Democrat Party. This communist entity bringing Socialism to the United States has been infiltrating the Democrats in the form of the Progressive caucus which includes the likes of Bernie Sanders, Maxine Waters, and others.

The progress made is visible in Obama circumventing Congress with unconstitutional changes to the law such as Obamacare and in implementation of regulations crushing business to the benefit of his cronies like George Soros who just bought several hundred thousand shares of coal companies already decimated by Obama.

Republicans are to blame as well. As Obama continues his partisan form of governing, the Republicans do nothing. Changes by this administration to Obamacare, the regulations being pushed by this administration’s czars and alphabet agencies without any input from Congress continues, and not one Republican has stood up to turn the tide back.

We are continually told by the Republican establishment that all we needed was to put them in the majority and things would be taken care of. Well they are now the majority and what has changed? Rather than change the course of Obama’s illegal actions, the Republicans wring their hands and tell us there is nothing they can do.

We have cowards unwilling to fight back in Congress, and the establishment Republicans have turned into nothing more than Democrat-lite. Rather than tell us what they can do, they spend time telling us why they can’t do it.

There are people who hate this country, who use the flag for disgusting purposes. This is part and parcel of what Obama has caused. These narcissistic thugs and Socialist-leaning professors need to understand that they will be the first to go if Socialism should actually take hold in this country.

They were once called “useful idiots” and sadly, that still fits their antics. It was true in the sixties, when I was a young enlisted man in the jungles of Vietnam, and it is true now. If you feel this country if treating you badly, there is always the opportunity to leave. Of course, then the handouts would stop as well. You will transform this country into a cesspool of divided people, of people so downtrodden that they lose the will to fight for the country.

The damage to the country in my opinion is not irreversible, but it will take a concerted effort to push back and push back hard.

An oath was taken by Obama to “protect, preserve and defend” the Constitution of the United States. Can anyone honestly believe that this is what he has done? The Democrats want power by any means necessary. The establishment Republicans are too cowardly to push back. That is why we see a rise in non-establishment Republicans and the force of patriotism that is starting to grow once again in this country. It will continue, it will grow. We Americans will once again be proud of our country, if not our president.


by John Velisek USN (Ret.)


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Roger W Hancock, PoetPatriot

0bama was a Socialist and still is.
0bama’s agenda is to devalue America’s wealth, power, and world influence.
0bama has succeeded on all counts.
0bama is guilty of several counts of treason, or . . .
0bama is guilty of espionage having infiltrated the U.S. government.

Leigh CK Case
Leigh CK Case
7 years ago

Obama is also a traitor to the Hawaiian Nation by his claim to being “Local”
but not one micron per trillionth part of his blood or hi soul is anything resembling
Hawai`i in any shape or form!!!