Transcript of Hope Hicks Testimony Is Out! They’re Wasting Our Tax Dollars!


Democrats think it’s obstruction of justice for the President to assert executive privilege so they now want to end the privilege. That was made clear by comments Democrats made after yesterday’s hearing with Hope Hicks.

Ms. Hicks was grilled for hours at the House “Intelligence” Committee. The former White House Communications Director testified behind closed doors. It is costing her a lot of money, but these Democrats don’t care.

Devin Nunes, who is not a member of the committee, said his sources told him the old, pervy congressmen essentially asked about her love life.

It seems it was Michael Wolff’s ridiculous book, Fire and Fury, that claimed that Hicks was romantically linked to Lewandowski. That is what Nunes appears to have referred to in his interview on America’s Newsroom.

On another point, Ms. Hicks was exonerated by Mueller and couldn’t say a thing about the White House days so why are they wasting taxpayer dollars on this nonsense? Their questions were ridiculous. They have already been asked and answered.

The Democrats are now calling her the “Forrest Gump of the Trump White House.”

Hope Hicks is elegant, beautiful, smart, and talented. Leave her alone.


The one thing that was noteworthy was the fact that she did answer many of the questions but didn’t see any involvement with Russia; she said the President was traveling a lot and had little to do with Michael Cohen; and she didn’t hear anything about Wikileaks until it became public. About Stormy, Ms. Hicks said Stormy told her something had happened twenty years before but at the same time, she was asking for jobs.

Many of the things reported in the media were untrue, including the fake news about her keeping a diary.

She answered the questions she could answer. They just didn’t like the answers.

She was very positive about the President which puts the lie to her avoiding him and not taking his calls.

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CORRECTION: After we published this we changed the title since we couldn’t confirm Rep. Nunes claim.

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