Transgender wins women’s weightlifting gold & silver medals


Women’s sports are going to disintegrate if men identifying as women keep competing and taking the titles. It’s a worldwide politically correct thing to do and it’s ruining women’s sports.

A transgender female [a biological male] has won two gold medals and a silver in a women’s weightlifting competition in New Zealand.

The Washington Times reports transgenders have conquered women’s sports. Laurel Hubbard, a biological male who identifies as a woman, won two gold medals and a silver medal at the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa.

The 41-year-old weightlifter was born as Gavin Hubbard and reportedly transitioned while in the mid-30s.

According to Caldron Pool, a Christian website that reported the outcome, the woman in second place was Samoa’s Feagaiga Stowers, who won the gold medal at the Commonwealth Games last year after Hubbard withdrew with an injured elbow.

This isn’t fair. Am I wrong? It will destroy women’s sports.



  1. this will Destroy women’s sports among other things in fact this is Vulgar, Evil, Demonic and of an Anti-Christ spirit

  2. Only people sicker than the so-called transgenders are the officials of these leagues who allowed this degeneracy to occur. Question wee the v=balls cut off first?

  3. Bad DNA humans with mental illness should not be allowed to call themselves what every they , born a male , or female , must retain that gender in writing ….

  4. The women on the left are destroying everything that sensible women have strove to acheive over time. If this absurdity is allowed to continue, there will be no point for any biological female to enter any competition where a transgender is entered. Why bother at all?
    Silly leftists. Sad.

  5. “identity politics”

    Make them pass a test for two X chromosomes (females). If they have XY pairing (males), they’re disqualified. BUT that wouldn’t be PC for the leftists. BTW, where are all the Feminists that are supposedly fighting for WOMEN’S rights?

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