Trashing Melania! Kathy Griffin Is the Face of the Hate-Filled New Left


So-called commie comic Kathy Griffin has a visceral hate for Melania Trump and there is a good chance jealousy enters into it. Every chance she gets, she mocks her. There is something so evil about this type of hate. Her vile insults are representative of a much broader movement against the Trumps certainly, but also against all who would support the agenda of traditional America.

We are in dangerous times and we are losing our Republic. When insipid fools like Griffin attack Melania Trump for tweeting harmless photos of beautiful animals, they are using the tactics of the Soviets, of Saul Alinsky, and they are trashing innocent Americans.

Griffin is the face of the moronic leftist who knows nothing of the United States. Nice people don’t malign innocent people and she is not a nice person. Melania isn’t a politician. She always represents the United States with poise and grace. All Griffin stands for is hate and people should be afraid of her kind. They dominate the airwaves and late-night comedy.

So, she got slammed by some on social media. It’s too little for the misery she spreads. Her followers are incited against the right every time this nasty little woman posts.



  1. Her comments are the droolings of a mad woman and only the braindead and similarly insane would find her entertaining. Her ugly personality is only enhanced by a visage that would shock Frankenstein. Shirtly, I predict she will end up either in a mental ward or a gurney overdosed from a self-inflicted drug or weapon.

  2. The first time I saw her with her new “look” I thought it was the Joker in the movie “Suicide Squad” only without the make-up.

  3. An old washed up “has been” that is desperate to be in the public eye and will do whatever she thinks it takes to impress the far left socialists.

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