Treason: Obama Funds Iran’s Military



On Thursday, Eli Lake reported at Bloomberg that U.S. taxpayers are now funding Iran’s military expansion. As he points out, we are already funding the Sunnis and the Shiites in the Middle East and the Imperial President is subsidizing defense spending for Egypt and Israel. We now discover that he is also “inadvertently” paying for some of Iran’s military expenditures.

Lake is being kind when he says it’s inadvertent. Of course the administration knew it could be used for the military, just as the $150 billion we returned will largely go to fund terrorism. Both Kerry and Obama have admitted that is the case.

The Death to America and Death to Israel people who said just days ago that we are still their enemies and they will destroy Israel, recently received $1.7 billion at the same time our sailors were released. It was US dollars and probably ransom though Dear Leader denied it.

The $1.7 billion came from our funds. It’s our money with $400 million coming from a trust fund comprising money paid by the government of Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, a U.S. ally, for arms sold to Iran before the 1979 revolution and the rest, the $1.3 billion is coming from interest accrued in our banks. Obama said it was a good deal while interest rates are low – he thinks we’re idiots.

That money is used to pay judgments and claims against the United States when there is no other source of funding.

As it happens, Iran’s Guardian Council approved the government’s 2017 budget that instructed Iran’s Central Bank to transfer the $1.7 billion to the military. Iran’s 2017 $19 billion defense budget has increased by 90 percent from 2016.

Obama has already taken then from “tiny country” status to a major world power. They’re now in Iraq with the blessings of the Iraq government.

This administration has no regard for America and the American people. He is much more concerned about pleasing Iran. Why? There is only one answer. He hates America and he is a traitor who should be hauled out in handcuffs.

Source: Bloomberg article, US Taxpayers are funding Iran’s military expansion



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