TREASON: Obama’s $33.6 Billion to Iran, Possibly in Cash, to Fund Terrorism


According to a new written report of testimony from a respected non-partisan expert on Iran, Barack Hussein Obama may have given as much as $33.6 billion to Iran in sanctions relief. Iran is a declared enemy of the United States. The money may have been given in cash, at a time when Iran plans to destroy our country and it was done without settling the many claims against Iran from victims.

Hussein Obama, and his emissary John Kerry, can’t say they don’t know it will fund terrorism because John Kerry has admitted at least some of it will. They are, in essence, knowingly funding terrorism and don’t care because they want an incredibly bad deal with Iran, a deal which guarantees Iran a path to the bomb and does not deal with their ICBMs.

North Korea is setting off some serious ICBMs that they plan to use to hit the US. They were given a similar deal by Bill Clinton and dropped out after their path was secured.

All of this was done without consent of Congress, the American peoples only representatives in government.

Iran is the largest sponsor of terror in the world, according to our own State Department, and it is the country that funds Hamas, Hezbollah, and Ansar Allah, and partners alongside the Taliban.They support Palestinian terrorists and other jihadists. They have murdered our soldiers in the field. They launch terrorist activities in Europe and Latin America as well as the Middle East. Iranian secret service have been caught trying to enter the US through our open southern border.

Iran was, according to Barack Obama early in his tenure, “a tiny country”, but he decided to make them a regional power and give them a path to the nuclear bomb.

Little is being said in the news about the cash payments of $1.7 billion, in settlement of a debt prior to the Ayatollah’s revolution. However, there are billions in claims by victims’ families which should have been paid from that money and a case for that could easily have been made.

It didn’t have to be paid now.

One might have thought the treason by the American president couldn’t get worse, but it might have.

Iran may have received this additional $33.6 billion in secret cash and gold payments facilitated by the Obama administration between 2014 and 2016, according to this testimony provided before Congress by an expert on last summer’s nuclear agreement with Iran, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

That is the time period in which the administration was hammering out the details of the nuclear accord promoted by Hillary Clinton.

Iran was paid $700 million every month from funds that had previously been frozen by U.S. sanctions.

A total of $11.9 billion was ultimately paid to Iran, but the details surrounding these payments remain shrouded in mystery, according to Mark Dubowitz, executive director at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and as reported by WFB.

In total, “Iran may have received as much as $33.6 billion in cash or in gold and other precious metals,” Dubowitz disclosed.

Mark Dubowitz (born September 11, 1968 in South Africa), a US citizen, is the executive director of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. He is an expert on Sanctions against Iran. He also heads FDD’s Center on Sanctions and Illicit Finance.

Lawmakers and others are now pressing the administration to disclose how a slew of other payments to Iran were made in the years leading up to the final nuclear accord, WFB reported.

“In July, the Associated Press cited U.S. officials who estimated that Iran ‘brought home less than $20 billion.’ Were these funds repatriated to Tehran in cash or in gold and precious metals? Through the formal financial system? Or through some combination?” Dubowitz asked in his testimony before the House Financial Services Committee.

“The administration should also clarify if the $20 billion dollars is inclusive of the $11.9 billion in [Joint Plan of Action] funds, or if the $20 billion was in addition to the $11.9 billion,” he said. “Either way, it is important to understand how funds were sent. The worst-case scenario here is that Iran may have received as much as $33.6 billion in cash or in gold and other precious metals.”

At least some of this money was likely sent in cash and other assets, according to Dubowitz.

The Obama administration was forced to disclose on Thursday that current sanctions and banking restrictions prohibited it from transferring funds to Iran via electronic methods.

The cash payment of $1.7 billion earlier this year was the easiest way to ensure Iran got immediate access to the money, according to these officials.

Given the situation, it is likely that the multiple past payments to Iran were conducted in a similar fashion, according to Dubowitz.

“If the White House could only send cash to Iran from the start of the JPOA period through the Tribunal payment that could amount to a grant total of 33.6 billion,” he said. “Did any of this money go through the formal financial system? If so, the administration is not being truthful about the 1.7 billion. If many billions arrived in Iran on pallets [of cash] this would be a pretty astounding revelation.”

Why are we giving Iran any money? They are terrorists planning to destroy the US and Israel as well as Saudi Arabia. The $1.7 billion did not have to be given to Iran and certainly not $33 billion.

Michael Rubin, a former Pentagon official and expert on rogue regimes, said, “Not only has the delivery of the millions of dollars been perceived as a ransom, provided as an incentive to seize more hostages …. but because the money was delivered in cash the payment bolstered the strength of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and augmented its ability to finance and conduct terrorism.”


“Officials in Iran have already announced that the repatriated $1.7 billion in FMS principal and interest will go to the defense budget. In an interview with Fars News on July 7, an Iranian parliamentarian claimed that the money from the settlement must be “allocated to the armed forces. The final budget passed weeks later ended up containing this allocation,” Dubowitz reported.

“The funds,” he continued, “will be used to pay for Iran’s conventional armed forces, procure advanced weaponry in contravention of the arms embargo, support the activities of the IRGC and Quds Force in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Yemen and elsewhere, and/or provide direct support to Hezbollah, Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and other Iranian-assisted terrorist organizations.”

The president will likely say Iran needs the funds to modernize its aging energy sector as well as its domestic infrastructure and banks don’t want to deal with them, however, even John Kerry admitted some of it will go to terrorism.

Banks don’t want to deal with Iran because they are terrorists but Obama does and it’s his excuse for sending cash until now.

Distributing this money in hard cash will make it very easy for Iran to cloak their terrorist endeavors and that is the reason they want it in cash. Much of it will go to destroying Israel.

Iran provides Hezbollah with as much as $900 million annually, according to Israeli intelligence.

UN officials estimate that Iran provides $6 billion to Syrian President Assad annually. Assad has killed hundreds of thousands of his own people, allegedly trying to quell terrorism.

Dubowitz added that “Tehran could take that cash and continue its illicit procurement of material needed to produce and test ballistic missiles. Despite the warnings of numerous experts, reductions in Iran’s ballistic missile arsenal were not required under the JCPOA. Iran has tested ballistic numerous times since the inking of the JCPOA last summer, and almost all of these platforms it tested were nuclear capable.”

Tehran can use the cash to refine the program.

Tehran could further their illicit procurement attempts. “A recent report by German domestic intelligence services found that Iran engaged in a “quantitatively high level” of attempts to acquire nuclear, missile, biological, and chemical weapons-related technology and equipment. While the report only covered 2015, the intelligence agency concluded, “It is safe to expect that Iran will continue its intensive procurement activities in Germany using clandestine methods to achieve its objectives,” Dubowitz swore.

Tehran is also reportedly trying to do the same thing in Latin America.

In the least, Congress needs to pass legislation to hold the administration accountable and prohibit these types of cash payments. Settlements and awards should be paid first. Iran owes $55 billion to American families alone.

Dubowitz gave this information to the House Financial Services Commitee’s subcommittee on on Oversight and Investigations in sworn testimony on September 8 and concluded that “the transfer of this cash, which is untraceable, easy to hide, and valuable to a regime like Iran’s with billions of dollars in illicit activities, would have severe consequences for American national security and that of our regional allies. If the administration refuses to answer fundamental questions about the nature and extent of the movement of cash to Iran, Congress needs to pass legislation to force much-needed transparency and disclosure.”


Read the testimony by clicking this link




  1. The American people should SUE our Government for threating our safety. If even half of this is true, obama should be prosecuted, but he will not and they will get away with this CRIME. UNBELIEVABLE INJUSTICE!!!!!

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