Trey Gowdy Asks the Question You All Want Answered


Rep. Trey Gowdy condemned the Obama administration’s politicalization of the DOJ and called on Sessions to restore the American people’s trust in the department.

“I want to start with something that’s very important to me,” Gowdy began, “and I think it’s important to all people in this country of good conscience, irrespective of their political ideation, and that’s the independence of the Department of Justice. In my judgment, 2016 and 2017 have been challenging years for the Department of Justice.”

Gowdy then asked how Sessions can restore the American people’s trust and confidence in the Justice Dept. since “it seems like different rules apply depending on who’s in power.”

The left is trying to make Attorney General Jeff Sessions into a liar and whatever we may think of his handling of the Obama administration’s politicization of every government agency, he’s no liar, especially in comparison to Eric Holder.

Sessions response: “Well, it’s a good question and important question. We intend to do our work, according to the established principles of the Department of Justice. We will not be infected by politics or bias. We will only make decisions we believe are right and just. We’re not going to unlawfully use the department to advance a political agenda… I am determined that when the years go by, that people will say this Department of Justice did not crumble.”

In terms of Sessions’ handling of cases, he is going to abide by the Constitution as he sees it [the operative words being ‘as he sees it’] and there is much we don’t know. Sean Hannity has faith in Jeff Sessions and believes investigations are ongoing.

Sessions did say that he has investigators looking into whether a special counsel should be appointed in Uranium One but he says there will be ‘no’ special counsel for now. He is only just beginning to consider it apparently.

Two congressmen will not let up until we get some answers and there are many questions.

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