Trey Gowdy Believes Barack Obama Is Systematically Dismantling Our Nation’s Laws


Trey Gowdy

Earlier this week, Sen. Jeff Sessions said that the president was deliberately dismantling our law enforcement system. Megyn Kelly of Fox News asked Rep. Gowdy about that.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, a former prosecutor, agrees with Sen. Sessions that the president is systematically dismantling the nation’s laws, but he believes it is to win elections not to pursue an agenda. They [the administration] do however fundamentally view their role differently, he added.

Attorney General Eric Holder recently claimed that illegal immigration is a civil right, if that is so, Gowdy says, that  is like saying you and I have the right to vote in Madagascar.

Gowdy believes President Obama is dismantling our laws, not for anarchy, but for electoral success. The administration is motivated by the fact that they get away with it.

“What about the drug laws. He’s [Eric Holder] trumping congressional statute with a memo,”  Gowdy said:

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This past week, Sen. Jeff Sessions said that our nation’s immigration policy is open borders and that cannot be our nation’s policy.

Bringing up a recent ICE report, he said that more than 94% of the border removals are people caught right at the border or people convicted of a serious crime and the government is counting them as border removals when they never were before. Over 99% of the people here illegally did not face removal last year.

Deportation rates are close to zero. That’s the truth, he affirmed.

Sen. Sessions said that our law enforcement system is in a state of collapse. It’s a deliberate plan by the President of the United States. It’s wrong. People need to stand up to it. Americans need to be aware of it and I think the American people are beginning to do so.

Sen. Sessions said that Eric Holder, the AG, and Secretary Munoz, recently described illegal immigration as a civil right. How can this be, Sessions asks? The chief law enforcement of the nation? How is it possible that the Vice President of the United States can say they are already citizens. The Vice President of the United States?

Recently, President Obama told the new DHS Secretary to look for ways to slow down deportations even more. How is this even possible unless we plan to keep criminals now.


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