Trey Gowdy Wipes the Floor with an Impervious Rod Rosenstein


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein was interviewed before the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday morning and repeated at several opportunities that there was “no good cause” to fire Robert Mueller. When asked about the partisan members of the witch hunt against President Trump, Rosenstein said that it is different from bias.

Don’t worry, all is going well.

Wednesday’s hearings were largely a platform for Democrats to accuse the President of sexual crimes against women or to debunk Republican concerns. For Republicans, it was a fruitless effort to get answers to pertinent questions other than to be told by Rod Rosenstein to trust him. He said he is limiting the authority of Robert Mueller, who should also be trusted. The deputy AG also talked about the outstanding work of the FBI which has nothing to do with the issue at hand.

Rosenstein did say there is no coup d’etat and there is oversight of Mueller’s investigation. He does not believe Mueller has a vendetta against the President.

Trey Gowdy pummeled Rod Rosenstein. He pointed to some of the most concerning facts of the case including the incriminating texts by their prime investigator at the center of all the investigations. Gowdy asked what he was supposed to tell his constituents about that. Rosenstein basically said to tell them he and Mueller are on top of it.


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