Tri-Caucus Leftists Claim NFL Disrespecting the Flag Is Patriotic as They Bash US Values


You might not have heard of the congressional Tri-Caucus. It’s the hard-left representatives of three identity groups who only advocate for their particular identity groups.

The Congressional Tri-Caucus is composed of the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus (CAPAC), the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC), and the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC).

On Wednesday they made a statement in support of the NFL and showed their utter disregard for our anthem, our flag and our country. They attacked the American people and the police, two favorite victim groups. It’s open season on Americans who care about American values.

Cedric Richmond (D-LA), the attorney and college baseball player turned Congressman who receives funding from George Soros said, “African-Americans have fought in every war, from the revolutionary war to  Afghanistan and Iraq. And not only did we fight in every war, but many times we would go and lay our lives on the line for this country, to come and face discrimination, bigotry, racism, injustice and inequality.”

He never served. He’s just a hack taking credit for the service of others.

Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) said that she felt “tremendous pride” at witnessing the NFL players trashing America.

Jayapal was born in India and raised in Indonesia and Singapore. She immigrated to the United States at the age of sixteen and became a US Citizen only seventeen years ago, as a 35-year-old adult, in 2000. She is clueless on what this country is about.

She bizarrely described the disrespect as patriotism: “That is the ultimate form of patriotism. To fight for justice, to fight against what they see, what we all see every day as wrong, which is the gunning down of black men by our police. The school to prison pipeline. The fact that a young black man has to walk outside and wonder whether he’s wearing his pants too low or his hoodie too high. Those are things that are unacceptable to every one of us.”

FBI Statistics don’t back up her comments about police.

Jayapal is a typical leftist, using Orwellian newspeak when it suits her. Remember the slogan: War is peace”, “Freedom is slavery”, and “Ignorance is strength”. These Orwellian types say one thing while the opposite is true.

Jayapal is the one who wants to cleanse the names of Washington State landmarks. She also has ties to The Revolutionary Communist Party.

There were a few other leftist hacks who spoke.



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Francis W. Porretto
Francis W. Porretto
6 years ago

It’s inevitable that the Left, in any of its manifestations, will bash American values. They disbelieve in values as such, and therefore cannot permit any assertion of values to go unchallenged.

The Left is a community at war with itself: the blacks versus the Hispanics, the feminists versus the trannies, the union members against the illegal aliens, and the Muslims against everyone. We in the Right derive a lot of amusement just from watching the fisticuffs. As long as we don’t get within striking distance, they’ll tear themselves up for us.

6 years ago

Glenn Beck said years ago of the many labels, corrections groups (100+) in the Democratic Party that if they should achieve taking over this country they will turn on each other because in reality 100+ organizations will not share the throne.

I was a fan of a television program and trio of movies called the “The Highlander.” It’s main plot was about a group of immortals searching each other out around the world. Once an immortal found another, a fight would begin, the endgame was the decapitation of the other. Why? Because, “there can be only one.”

The infighting has begun within the Democratic Party (a phrase I rarely use). In the end, they will destroy each other because “there can be only one.”

ONE! That proves just how out of touch the congressional Tri-Caucus is with their base which for the most part can barely tolerate the other and in most cases will not. It is there that the bias exists and will continue to exist so while accusing everyday Americans of being white supremacists, they ignore the disdain for each other among their constituents. Who the hell are they kidding. (Rant over)