Happy Memorial Day & God Bless All Those Who Serve Our Country


Have a Happy Memorial Day Tomorrow But Please Don't Forget What This Day Is About

I don’t know the young man in this video but let him represent all our fallen soldiers, our men and women now serving, and all those who have served.

Please say a prayer or give a moment of silence for these brave warriors –

Desiree Moore, one of our writers, would also like us to remember Officer Philip Cardillo who served as an NYPD police officer and lost his life tragically and senselessly –

The Tragic Case of Officer Padillo

When you hear this 9 year old singing the Star Spangled Banner, you might feel renewed hope –

Click here for a history of Memorial Day. Please don’t forget what this day is about.

Thank you to all those who serve our country and may God bless you and your families.

Take a moment for this wonderful video –


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