Triggered John Brennan Menaces President Trump


President Trump responded to the New York prosecutors who concluded on Friday that he directed and coordinated with his former personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to commit crimes related to campaign finance violations.

The president quoted Fox News in a tweet, saying that “Democrats can’t find a Smocking [sic] Gun tying the Trump campaign to Russia.” As a result, Trump said “the Dems go to a simple private transaction, wrongly call it a campaign contribution, which it was not (but even if it was, it is only a CIVIL CASE, like Obama’s – but it was done correctly by a lawyer, and there would not even be a fine. Lawyer’s liability if he made a mistake, not me). Cohen just trying to get his sentence reduced. WITCH HUNT!”

That triggered former Communist sympathizer and CIA director John Brennan who made a false statement about the President.

“Whenever you send out such [insane] tweets, I take great solace in knowing that you realize how much trouble you are in & how impossible it will be for you to escape American justice,” Brennan said on Twitter. “Mostly, I am relieved that you will never have the opportunity to run for public office again.”

What does that mean? Is he working with Deep State to get him imprisoned or worse?

In any case, he’s wrong. Trump can run again in 2020.

Tony Schaffer believes he’s treasonous.


Retired Brigadier General Anthony Tata called Brennan a “clear and present danger” after Brennan called for the President’s overthrow.

Brennan is very dangerous.

In May, Tucker Carlson spoke with John Kiriakou, a former CIA Pakistan station chief who was imprisoned for leaking the fact that the CIA waterboarded terrorists in 2007, to discuss the dangers of an out of control intelligence community.

“In 2007, the Bush administration investigated me and determined I hadn’t committed a crime” for leaking about the torture program, Kiriakou explained. “When Barack Obama became president, John Brennan became the number two at the National Security Council, and he asked the Justice Department, Eric Holder, to secretly reopen the case against me. That went to Robert Mueller.”

Brennan and Mueller were out of control.

He said that Russiagate is a fishing expedition.

“Russiagate that has nothing whatsoever to do with Russia, by the way. And none of these indictments have anything to do with anything. They’re what are called throw-away indictments,” he said. “So, what you have is a man, Robert Mueller, who chooses a person, and then looks for a crime to hang on the person rather than discovering a crime and then investigating to see who committed the crime.”

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