Troll John Brennan Threatens Trump with Special Counsel’s Findings


Twitter troll and former Communist-turned-CIA director John Brennan is out threatening President Trump on Twitter and on NPR. This is in response to the release of the House Intelligence Committee report written by committee Republicans. The report exonerates the Trump campaign of colluding or conspiring with Russians during the 2016 campaign.

Brennan is not happy and wrote menacingly: “A highly partisan, incomplete, and deeply flawed report by a broken House Committee means nothing. The Special Counsel’s work is being carried out by professional investigators—not political staffers. SC’s findings will be comprehensive & authoritative. Stay tuned, Mr. Trump….”

What does this former Communist know about the Special Counsel’s work and why does he know it?

Every day there are leaks coming out of the Special Counsel’s investigation, an investigation that began without a constitutional basis. He is investigating endlessly on every conceivable issue while ignoring the real offenses by the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton in particular.

We are in the midst of a potential breakthrough with North Korea; Iran is threatening our anhilation; and our borders remain open. But what does this evilmonger care about? Partisan rivalry and threats!

Brennan is part of the leftist resistance and he will not accept that Trump won the election. The more Trump succeeds, the more the attacks from the left grow.

Nick Short tweeted: “Congress means nothing and an unelected special counsel means everything. This is what Brennan is implying. Do the Russians have blackmail material on you @JohnBrennan? With asinine statements like this & your past threats to the president, it makes me wonder.”

Commie Brennan Suggests Putin Has Dirt on Trump

Former CIA Director John Brennan was asked by NPR Thursday if “it is responsible” for a recent CIA director to issue such speculation.

Brennan, a former commie or perhaps current one, feels he has the right to imply Putin has dirt on the President — with no evidence.

“Well, I’m an ordinary civilian now,” Brennan told NPR. “I’m a private citizen, and I’m speaking out.”

“I am a nonpartisan,” he added.

“I’m not going to get into what I may have known or not known while I was the CIA director,” he said. “I just am looking at his performance since he has become president of the United States, and the — in some respects — fawning attitude toward Vladimir Putin while he speaks with such denigration about his fellow Americans. I just, it’s hard to understand. And so is he afraid that Mr. Putin might have something on him? Maybe. I don’t know, but only Mr. Trump knows what he might be vulnerable to. I don’t know.”

Pressed to provide actual proof, Brennan said:

“Again, I’m not going to speak about what I may have known while I was CIA director. The intelligence community assessment that we issued in January 2017 clearly indicated that the Russians were trying to interfere in this election with one of their objectives to enhance the prospects for Mr. Trump. Now, since I left office, I’ve seen a number of things come out about meetings that took place between Russians and very senior members of the Trump campaign. When I read these reports, it gives me pause, it gives me concern, about what was going on.

Those are partisan and baseless accusations. Trump has been tough on Russia. It was Obama who gave Russia everything they wanted.

Brennan went to Moscow

John Brennan made a secret visit to Moscow in March 2016, according to Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov.

“It’s no secret that Brennan was here,” Syromolotov was quoted by the Interfax news agency as saying. “But he didn’t visit the Foreign Ministry. I know for sure that he met with the Federal Security Service (the successor agency to the Soviet KGB), and someone else.”

It wasn’t clear why Brennan visited Moscow, but the trip appears to have coincided with President Vladimir Putin’s surprise March 14 announcement that Russia’s combat operation in Syria was ending, and Moscow would soon withdraw a portion of its forces from the country after conducting 167 air strikes.

He discussed Syria but, and this is very interesting, it was only weeks later that the Fusion GPS/anti-Trump dossier memos were published.

This isn’t proof of anything but it suggests collusion. Brennan despises Trump and rails against him on Twitter daily.

Read about more colluders in the article by Victor Davis Hanson.

A vengeful intelligence community with unlimited power

Obama’s henchmen, John Brennan, James Clapper, James Comey will stop at nothing to destroy President Trump. And they were the heads of our intelligence agencies. That should terrify people.

Chuck Schumer, the obstructionist head of the Party of No, explained it this way: “Let me tell you: You take on the intelligence community — they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer on MSNBC in January 2017.

He seemed proud that our intelligence community is evil and vindictive.

Keep in mind, it’s not Trump they are destroying. These far-left operatives are destroying his agenda, his followers, and all that made America the land of the free.

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  1. We DO know how that Intelligence product was crafted. In fact, it cannot even be called an Intelligence product. It had a selected outcome and drafted accordingly. Unfortunately reporters are so blatantly ignorant of most of what they cover we never learn the full truth, even if they ARE non-partisan. In that report itself the NSA disagrees with the confidence level of the CIA, and Mike Rogers was asked in a hearing on the matter and reiterated his assumptions. The report were “assumptions” based upon what they “expect” Russia doing. Furthermore, if this WERE the case then WHY did Obama dismiss the idea UNTIL the end.

    All this is WHY Gowdy questioned him on “evidence”. But this is where Gowdy ‘always’ fails. He simply will NOT ask directly and specifically, without equivocation, whether or not Intelligence “uncovered” some type of data to suggest the conclusion. The IC has HUMINT and SIGINT etc. in determining the accuracy and details of Intelligence assumptions. Obviously we do not have any kind of “moles” in other countries as we once had. We are led to believe Embassies around the world are collections of spies and if so what are they accomplishing. I believe it was Evelyn Farkas who stated “we have excellent Intelligence on Russia”. Well, considering all we now know that may have been the product of Steele, Shearer, Blumenthal, DOJ, FBI and others involved in a conspiracy. Before it’s all over Brennan may be implicated in wrongdoing also.

    • Gowdy cannot be legit. He always stops at the critical point of accountability. He is a performer. He has a winless record and leaves blaming DC when he never really tried.

  2. There seems to be a concerted effort to label Mueller a “White Hat” and therefore is working to indict those who were behind the dossier and thus creating the Russian narrative. Some refer to this as Trump playing some type of 4D Chess. (As a side note I Have played 3D Chess and found it somewhat easier than 2D).

    One supporting this idea is QAnon which reinforces “trust Sessions”, “trust the Plan”, as if this is all some great Undercover Operation that is fooling the Democrats, Media and everyone who opposes Trump.

    Another is Tracy Beanz which proposes a case Mueller is working in the same manner. She Does lay out a case that “could” seem probable. I am too cynical to accept that conclusion. It begins with Rosenstein and Mueller meeting Trump the day ‘before’ he was named Special Counsel. It is assumed the meeting was to begin the process. It was reported by some that Trump was interviewing Mueller for FBI, and, as Tracy concludes this cannot be the case since he had already been given an extension as FBI Director. So, then, what was the meeting about. Surely one can believe this, but, as she details all the praise given Mueller it could very well be the meeting was merely to “seek out” a viable candidate FOR the position of Director.

    We have to then speculate what was said in that meeting. I suspect Trump may know more than we realize and possibly wanted an FBI Director that would investigate the Obama Administration and their own involvement in the Russian narrative. This would mean uncovering the now known truth. At this time the IG had already been investigating internal corruption. I can only imagine the desperation this would cause Rosenstein and Mueller, especially given their long association within the Justice system.

    It would be understandable that the two would want to suppress Trump’s efforts in this matter and the best alternative would be appointing Mueller, his compatriot, to oversee what has already begun by Congress. One of Trump’s main campaign promises was confronting corruption by Politicians and in Government, draining the swamp. This has panicked Washington to its core. So, is it any wonder it has alienated Trump from both Republicans And Democrats. As it stands Trump is left alone in his fight, and neither Democrats and especially Republicans are willing to allow Trump to fulfill that promise.

    Tracy bases some of the conjecture on Manafort’s ties to Ukraine. We learned that the State Department had their version of the “Arab Spring” in Ukraine and fomented the overthrow of a duly elected, albeit Russian backed, Government. This coup d’état was directly assisted by McCain and Graham in their visit to the country in support of neo-Nazi affiliated groups. Asst Secretary Victoria Nuland at State was instrumental in overturning a Foreign Government. Her arrogance was on display when she said F’ the EU. Mueller was part of the Administration at the time and had his own involvement in Ukraine.

    With all the players in the Government there are literally hordes who will not want Trump to succeed, at least in cleaning up the Government itself. It’s alright if Trump succeeds in other matters so long as it doesn’t interfere with the status quo, and, I believe THAT is the role of Mueller and why this investigation will continue much longer than anyone realizes.

    • Thanks for the analysis. I have followed the CTH site, which I now regard as cleverly crafted disinformation. You mention similar sources. I consider the idea that there is a plan behind the scenes for justice to be a stall, disinformation. And the scenario is sophistry. It appeals to people’s desires to believe it, to want to have a real life cloak & dagger story, to know that help is just around the corner. It’s fiction. The main indicators are that Trump was betrayed by Sessions, and the RR/RM team are conspirators involved in coverups. RM as FBI director during the U1 sale and the abrupt ending of the Russian bribery investigation places him at ground zero.

      Trump isn’t pretending to be angry at the defiance of Sessions and the DOJ. It appears to be very real, and that alone shows that JS/RR/RM are not white hats. After all the betrayals conservatives have seen in recent years, it is disappointing that so many are still being fooled yet again (but not you).

  3. What did Brennan know and when did he know it. What was Brennan doing in Moscow in March of 2016. There was no media entourage in the visit to Russia’s FSB. The meeting coincided with Putin’s surprise March 14 announcement that combat operations in Syria was ending and would withdraw some of its forces in theater. CIA spokesman Dean Boyd noted Brennan’s reiteration of the US support for political transition in Syria and Assad’s departure.

    Boyd’s statement is peculiar considering the FSB deals with counterintelligence and not geopolitics. For this to be the case Brennan would have met with SVR, the Foreign Intelligence Service according to protocol.

    Around August of 2016 Brennan prompted the establishment of the White House’s Russia task force. A team assembled of CIA, NSA and FBI eventually produced the ‘assessment’ of Russian interference which a briefing to Congress occurred in December.

    It was during that March meeting that FusionGPS solicited Perkins Coie for opposition research and also when Papadopoulus began his association with Trump. Also during this time the FISA court uncovered the abuse of unmasking. Rogers testifies on this and the revelation of “outside contractors” is publicized which Clapper subsequently “lost confidence” in him. Clapper and Brennan, the two most outspoken anti-Trump stalwarts, are closely tied in all this. Each Agency, the DNI, AG, FBI, NCTC had to certify their compliance to the FISA court.

    Furthermore, in March is when “Russian hackers” penetrated the Podesta email account and shortly thereafter did Papadopoulus join the Trump team and subsequently has his meeting in London. Thereafter surveillance began on Trump associates. Oddly Robert Mueller and former COS Aaron Zebley meet in the White House in April of 2016 with the “President’s Intelligence Advisory Board”. Zebley is currently on Mueller’s team.

    Did John Brennan know, when he went to Moscow in mid-March 2016 to meet with the FSB, that George Papadopoulos had been added to the list of Trump advisers days before, and that the FBI had been caught out in its improper dissemination of FISA information to contract workers?

    • A CIA director visits Moscow, and no one in authority is asking why? Yet they focus on some low level Trump people.

    • I thought he had some good info on the Broward Schools but I rarely go there after I found some conspiratorial stories that were wrong.

      Why would he ban you? Does anyone know who Sundance is?

      In fact, my husband had Rush on one day and he quoted from that site. It turned out to be misinformation. I forget the story right now.

  4. Jon Brennan – muslim jihadist – engineered the Khobar Towers bombing if he wasn’t occupied assassinating American citizens via drone.

    Brennan is a psychopath and a deep state agent to boot.

    WikiLeaks published Vault 7 and Vault 8 to demonstrate how he and the rest of the gang stole Russia’s malware tools and more and used them to frame Russia during the 2016. Together with CrowdStrike – who’s CEO is a Russian citizen not only planted Russia’s stolen tools in all of the DNC servers.

    Brennan is responsible for unmasking Seth Rich as well as his murder which he outsourced to Debbie Wasserman Schultz who hired 2 MS13 gang members who carried out the hit. Seth Rich was alive during his admission into the hospital, survived his surgery to remove the two bullets and feeling fine. His treating surgeon posted on the 4 chan board that Seth Rich would fully recover. That is until the hospital wing was swarmed by government agents who took over his care. He died within an hour after their arrival.

    Brennan and Barry Soeberkah aka BHO ran a rogue terror network out of the white house. He is guilty of treason as unfolding events will prove.

    President Trump and his team together with the activation of the USMC 3rd Division (Marines) are busy behind the scene taking down deep state agents left and right. Next are Brennan and Barry ergo Brennan’s loud protestations. He is desperate knowing his jig is up and his treason charges filed. The sealed indictment of Brennan will be unsealed soon enough.

  5. I’ll say upfront I wouldn’t know who to believe in with many websites but it was Chuck Johnson of Gotnews that “exposed” the Treehouse. He named Mark Bradman as Sundance. Johnson states he gets many stories wrong and Gotnews has uncovered truths that bore themselves out which gives some credibility. Others have called him a poor and clumsy writer.

    I will look at these different sources primarily to see their source material, in the same way I would view Alex Jones, in finding what sources they use for drawing their conclusions. It is those sources, at times, which are so overblown to distort the inherent premise. For instance, the E.O. from December regarding “national security” and names certain players is assumed to take on anything and everything from Clinton, Google and so on. Executive Orders are never written to be broad and vague as described. It names certain entities and those alone. It cannot be construed to include distant associations. That would never pass muster in a court of law.

    The reason given for the ban was being “off-topic”, which was rather odd since that was the norm at the site. But it was After I brought up the Jewish perspective on a religious matter that I was immediately banned. I emailed the moderator and never received a reply. I don’t remember the specifics of the matter. It was after that I did research on “Sundance” and learned more about him.

  6. A rather interesting update. CTH has decided to start over, reset his prior perspectives, on this entire escapade, from the beginning, in light of the new information.

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