Trophy School NJ Faces a Cheerleader Uprising But Inclusivity Wins


One parent allegedly complained to the Hanover Park High School because her child didn’t make the cheerleading squad. That, it is alleged, led the school officials to pass a new policy — everyone makes the team. It’s more of the trophy generation ‘think’. It won’t help children in the real world, however. Most employers want successful employees, not whiners.

The cheerleaders who worked so hard to get on the team showed up at the Board meeting upset.

The Administration Was Unmoved And Had a Different Story

The administration was clearly angry by the publicity and has no intention of changing a thing. This is their “inclusive” police and it conforms to their prior policies, they say.

The only change that did occur was in their reducing the three teams to two, upperclassmen and underclassmen. That seems to be where the problem arose.

They might have told the students that before they worked so hard to make the ‘A’ team.

The administration made it clear that they don’t run cheeleading for competition or quality of performance.

“Hanover Park’s cheerleading squads have never been competitively driven, but are only used to enhance school spirit, pep rallys and school athletic activities,” the administration wrote in a letter to parents.

So, basically, the students can all jump around inadequately, embarrasingly so if necessary, as long as everyone gets on the team.

The officials also noted the change didn’t take place because of one parent’s complaint, but rather, it occurred after “multiple” inquiries.

They wrote further: “Hanover Park’s ultimate goal has been, and always will be, to have more participation in school activities and boost school spirit. To quote from the Guidelines for Cheerleading at Hanover Park, “The emphasis of cheerleading within the Regional High School District shall be upon group involvement rather than featuring the performance of a single or select individual or individuals.”

Emphasis and every makes the team are not the same thing.

Why even try hard? Why attempt to perform well? There is probably more that we don’t know but the overriding principle is no competition and everyone makes the team for the sake of inclusivity.

This seems sexist to us. They don’t care about the female cheerleaders. It’s unlikely everyone makes the baseball or football teams.

What do you think? Are the officials right?

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