Trudeau Cuts Funds to Museum for Not Taking Pro-Abortion Oath


LifeSiteNews reports that a small rural museum on Canada’s Atlantic coast has had summer job grants cut because they won’t take the pro-abortion pledge. In Canada, if you don’t pledge to support killing the unborn, you won’t get the money you count on to hire summer help.

In the United States, the federal government can’t take away money from people who violate the law [sanctuary cities]. That’s totalitarianism for you.

The Chestico Museum and Heritage Society in Port Hood, Nova Scotia, needs the money to hire one of two summer students, president Susan Mallette told the Cape Breton Post.

Canada’s leftist totalitarian government requires all agree with their ‘core mandate’ which shoves abortion and LGBTQ right, including gay marriage, on to anyone who asks for federal funds.

This museum has nothing to do with abortion, religion, or gay anything so the members decided not to check the box. It’s no one’s business what people believe, they say.

It is in a mostly Catholic county.

The Government Has No Right

“It was just the fact that the federal government has no rights asking such a question on an application to hire a summer student,” she told the Cape Breton Post.

“I’m dating myself, but another Trudeau, back in the time, said there’s no place for the state in the bedrooms of the nation — that’s private, you don’t put people to sit down and discuss this type of thing. It’s inappropriate.”

“This is just more evidence that Justin Trudeau is transforming the Liberal Party into a hate group against Christians,” Jack Fonseca of Campaign Life Coalition told LifeSiteNews.

“The Liberal party is the party of intolerance, exclusion – and yes, hatred towards Christians.  Please God – deliver us from this tyrant before he takes away all our rights.”

What business is it of these totalitarians? There is no reason for this museum to declare their beliefs except the Stalinists led by Trudeau are demanding it.

Perhaps the government will ignore them not checking the box, but they shouldn’t count on it.

Fonesca said, “I think where I stand personally is that once you start that and use that as a means to get information, where’s the government going to stop? Is it going to be on all applications? What else are they going to ask?”

The museum does not discriminate in hiring or in any way, so why does the government need to know? The reason is they want to tell people what they are allowed to believe.

A Bible camp also won’t get any money and will have to lay off six people.

The leftists are anti-Christian and they have declared war.

Religious groups warned this would happen.

h/t Jon

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