True Story! Smollett Is Up For A Big IMAGE AWARD!


Actor Anthony Anderson hopes Jussie Smollett will be at the NAACP image awards and wants him to win the image award for his work on the hit Fox series, “Empire.” The reason Anderson — the host of the awards — gave is the system is “not always fair.”

Therefore, if we can translate, it’s great that Jussie gamed the system and is now lying about his innocence.

The State’s attorney and her assistant said Smollett is guilty. The grand jury turned in 16 felony count indictments. And Smollett is running around lying about it, claiming he was found innocent. Watch the clip at the end where his attorney talks about how badly the police victimized him.

Smollett staged the fake hoax to demonize Trump supporters and get a better salary from the producers of ‘Empire.’ But, Anderson says we can’t judge him — it’s “not our place!”

“I hope to see him here,” the “Black-ish” star told Variety during a preview of the Awards on Wednesday morning. “I hope he wins. I’m happy for him that the system worked for him in his favor because the system isn’t always fair, especially for people of color.”

Imagine if Smollett gets an IMAGE AWARD? Will the NAACP finally jump the shark with that one? His mugshot could be used in the press releases.

The awards are March 30th — be sure to watch! Smollett’s lies are getting worse every day. His image consultants and lawyers are hard at work rewriting history.


Jussie Smollett has threatened to sue his victims, and it is even more perverse than that. Smollett’s lawyers now say that the police treatment and everything afterward was “worse” than his fake beating.

His attorney Tina Glandian appeared on Today and said, “He, at this point again, has been victimized much more by what’s happened afterward than what happened that night.”

Glandian is also suggesting the brothers who fake-attacked Smollett were wearing white face. It gets more bizarre by the minute.

In conclusion, Jussie is lying and demonizing his victims after he caught a break he didn’t deserve because he has high-powered friends, and he might get an image award.

Mayor Rahm Emanuel has been very critical of Smollett, but let’s see if he does anything about it. His latest blather is to tell Trump to stay out of the Smollett case since he is to blame, having created the environment for it.

So it’s Trump’s fault Smollett is a lying dirtbag who tried to demonize Trump supporters with a fake MAGA attack?

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