Trump Accusers on Megyn Kelly’s Show Tied to Soros, Hard-Left Ops Known for Lying


In November, Brave New Films released “16 women and Donald Trump,” which tells the sketchy stories of the sixteen women who have publicly reported sexual harassment and assault by President Trump. Three of them appeared on NBC with Megyn Kelly Monday.

Their complaints are pitiful.

The show brought Kelly higher ratings. She plans to milk it and said Trump would be in trouble if it went to court. She’s pulling out all the stops.

Megyn Kelly, a Soros tool

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who betrayed her former employers as she went from station-to-station selling herself, has gone back to what she does best — mean, divisive politics. She interviewed Samantha Holvey, Jessica Leeds, and Rachel Crooks on her show Monday to discuss their alleged “traumatizing” sexual harassment by Donald Trump. They are three of the sixteen.

The media group that is promoting them, Brave New Films, is, according to Redstate, the same group that lied about Rush Limbaugh making racist comments [to keep him from buying an NFL team].

The women were hosted by non-profit Brave New Films which runs events around social justice issues. There are 13 other “victims”. The President of the company Robert Greenwald is as far-left almost as one can be and he is fond of lying.

In 2009, Greenwals’s campaign against Rush claimed falsely that Rush said slavery built the south and “had its merits”. The “streets were safer after dark”, Rush was alleged – falsely – to have said. Greenwald took the lies from Facebook, Wiki, and any other illegitimate site he could find. All led back to a fake blogger.

Greenwald eventually backed down when the lies caught up with him, Redstate reported.

The left-wing advocacy is well-documented and very extensive. They were behind the anti-Betsy De Vost campaign.

Guess who funds the group??? That’s right, George Soros.

Remember when Soros gave $18 million to his Open Society Foundations? We might be saying why he did it. Soros said in November, “We must do something to push back against what’s happening here. He further warned of the “dark forces that have been awakened” by Trump’s win.

The dark forces are the hard-left Soros and Greenwald lead.

Brave New Films is also the group behind deceitful assaults on the Koch Brothers.

Brave New Films is a part of the Media Consortium, an organization that “’is a network of the country’s leading, progressive, independent media outlets.” It includes Alternet, the Young Turks, and other similar hard-left outlets.

Soros funds nearly every major left-wing media source in the United States through the Media Consortium which has gotten $425,000 in Soros funds since 2000.

Half of their experts are from organizations funded by Soros. Communist Van Jones is another funder of the hard-left movement.

Previous Brave New Films projects include attacks on the war in Afghanistan, FOX News, Sen. John McCain and Wal-Mart, as well as previous attacks on the Koch brothers. The Brave New Films site has an entire section going after Fox called: “When Fox Attacks.” It claims: “Videos from this campaign have been viewed over 8 million times.”

As a woman, I can tell you women can be just as bad or good as men and they lie for all the same reasons men might.

These women are all so allegedly distraught by these Trump assaults years ago. How believable is that? As a woman, I can tell you it’s not believable.


Don’t believe these women without proof.

Megyn Kelly has become a whore for the hard-left to save her abysmal show.

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