Trump Administration Catches One of the Leakers, Reality Leigh Winner


The Justice Department filed charges on Monday against a 25-year-old woman accused of stealing Top Secret information and providing it to an online news outlet, the Daily Caller reported.

According to the complaint, Reality Leigh Winner is said to have removed classified material from a government facility. She then mailed the material to a news outlet.

Winner worked for contractor Pluribus International since February 13 and has Top Secret clearance.

She committed the unlawful acts on May 9th.

The name of the outlet is not revealed in the complaint nor is the intelligence community agency Pluribus contracts with.

Once the FBI zeroed in on Winner, they searched her home and interviewed her. She acknowledged that “she intentionally identified and printed “the classified intelligence reporting at issue despite not having a ‘need to know,’ and with knowledge that the intelligence reporting was classified.”

“Winner further admitted removing the classified intelligence reporting from her office space, retaining it, and mailing it from Augusta, Georgia, to the news outlet, which she knew was not authorized to receive or possess the documents,” the complaint reads.

The news outlet published an article based on the information. It is possibly an article by The Intercept about Russia attempting to hack into voter registration systems.

She was charged and arrested under 18 U.S. Code § 2511, the section Hillary should have been charged with violating.

Catching her is a start! There are many more. They need to throw the book at her.


  1. There must be an intensive effort to locate and punish all the leakers of classified documents, no matter who is President of the U.S. of A. As it is explained “leakers” have avenues for getting the wrong stuff to the FBI, congress, etc. You don’t just “leak it” and jepeordize American lives by “leaking” stuf you don’t personally like. Course would you “leak’ something to Mad Maxine or Insane McCain ??

  2. Reality Winner is a former US Air Force linguist who speaks Pashto, Farsi & Dari ! Reality held top-secret security clearance. Most recently she had been working for Pluribus International Corporation in Augusta.

    She could also possibly have ties to a terror group. Yet she is wearing a blue shirt with white stars representing our flag! WAIT….She’s a church going Christian, an athlete, a philanthropist, a good daughter and sister………Any bets that she votes Dem??…………………Reality grew up in Kingsville, Texas and graduated from Henrietta M. King High School. She is the daughter of Billie Winner-Davis and the sister of Britty Davis.

    Reality is a fan of Graham British writer and journalist. Hancock specialises in unconventional theories involving ancient civilisations, stone monuments or megaliths, altered states of consciousness, ancient myths and astronomical/astrological data from the past. One of the main themes running through a large number of of his books is a posited global connexion with a “mother culture” from which he believes all ancient historical civilisations sprang.

    Reality displayed intense dismay with President Donald Trump. Several tweets from her alleged Twitter account include “the most dangerous entry to this country was the orange fascist we let into the White House” and “#racism that is all.”

    A cybersecurity website posted evidence linking the documents to Reality. The writer points out that the printed version that The Intercept published on their website contained invisible yellow dots that can track when and where the documents were printed. Since the NSA logs all printing jobs, it can track exactly who printed the document. After further investigation, the document leaked by the Intercept was from a printer with model number 54, serial number 29535218. The document was printed on May 9, 2017 at 6:20.

  3. What I don’t get is why anyone in their 20’s is allowed to work in the government? They seem like idiotic teens to me. Get someone in there with experience if they have access to top secret stuff. Kids shouldn’t get access.

  4. I postulated the sting story believing the Intelligence Community had inherent abilities And capabilities that would allow them to discover the source of the massive leaks.

    Instead, I read an updated story which gives further details stating it was the Intercept who NOTIFIED the NSA of the document leak. The document appeared to be creased or folded, according to the legal complaint.

    So, basically, the Government was HANDED the case on a silver platter. Very little investigation was needed to determine Who sent the document. Clearly there must be far more superior security in the movie versions of these agencies than what exist in real life. I suggest these agencies have their budgets cut in Half since the money isn’t accomplishing the task as it is.

    • What I have heard is the printer she used encoded the printer name and timestamp on the printout. It was a simple matter to see who used the printer at that time. Also, accessing the file logged the account being used. It really was an easy arrest if true.

  5. O.K. thanks, Greg, but I believe that a “sting” is a fair way to find a/the leaker(s) but maybe you only find the stupid leakers. However, since the leaking of classified information can jeopardize American lives, I am not sympathetic to any persons who get caught leaking. However, I am for more sophisticated methods to catch the arrogant smart alecks who are leaking and think they cannot be caught or believe are above the law, (Hillary). Being apolitical on this issue, the law must apply equally to everyone, absolutely everyone.

  6. I’ve been fascinated many times on how a person’s name has such an ironic twist.

    Reality is a winner

    Reality has found a winner.

    The list can be endless.

  7. I don’t know how I can be any more explicit. There had to be some way she was exposed for obtaining the classified information
    and leaking it to the media. One way for certain is to create a “Specific” document that is a known fabrication and following the
    trail when it is exposed in the media. This would be done by a sting operation. Similar methods have been used in the past.

    The way the Intelligence matters have been opened up to so many it would be difficult to accomplish with physical records.
    There are simply to many players with access to narrow it down much. One method is the use of polygraphs but there are
    possibly thousands to interrogate. A very simple sting operation would yield quicker results if any person would have such
    a political vendetta to expose themselves to it.

  8. It’s about the Intercept publishing the story on Russian election hacking and subsequently this woman being arrested.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised if this weren’t a setup. That article from the Intercept contradicts Sworn testimony given by the Agency heads during the Congressional hearing.

    We would have to conclude Someone is lying, but now with the report of the arrest it very well may be that it was done as a sting operation to ferret out the culprits.

    When I heard of the article I was suspicious given previous sworn testimony. When I realized it was from only the Intercept I completely discounted it. They have shown themselves to have a “Political” agenda and not just a place to disseminate information. Therefore their trustworthiness had eroded considerably.

  10. Lock her up ! She committed a very bad crime and should be put away for years. Now, let’s get the rest of the leaking morons, and many because of the criminal nature of their crime may be very willing to let us know why and who put them up to if. I still think Obama, Soros, and Hillary, will look great in orange.

  11. sorry little snowflake, that blonde hair will be silver when you get out, (If you get out)
    You have jeopardized the lives of many of my brothers in arms………………………………..

    • Obama has filled the government with these creepy millennial weirdos. She is the perfect liberal hating whites and white men and having an Arabic tattoo because she supports Iran and loves BLM, worries global warming is going to kill her cats. What total sick flakes and why would anyone give them top secret access?

      Sanity and a focus on things that matter has returned to the White House.

      REAL Americans took our country back. My healthcare is too expensive ($800/month for my family). Time to step away from socialism and let the capitalism work. My car insurance is just $25 per month (from Insurance Panda) and my internet is just $30/month from RNC. Let the free market handle health insurance!

      Just imagine what he will get done when he’s finished undoing the destructive actions of Obama, Clinton, and Bush.

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