Trump Basher Mitt Romney Gets Senate Leadership Role


Senate Republican leaders named Utah freshman senator Mitt Romney to the Whip team despite his vicious slam against the President in an op-ed at The Washington Post. Romney also tore into Rep. Steve King this week and demanded King resign.

If only he had done that with the Democrats, most notably Barack Obama, he might have become President. He doesn’t have much to say against Democrats in general.

Majority Whip John Thune, R-S.D., released the names of GOP lawmakers to serve as deputy whips. Romney is among them. Others are Sens. John Cornyn (TX), Cory Gardner (CO), Tim Scott (SC), Shelley Moore Capito (WV), Rob Portman (OH), James Lankford (OK), Martha McSally (AZ), Thom Tillis(N), and Todd Young (IN).

Sen. Mike Crapo (ID), was named chief deputy whip.

It’s a moderate/liberal group, but that is the Senate in general. It seems like a statement. The establishment is telling us they are back and taking control of Donald Trump.

Rumors abound that some Republicans in both Chambers are planning to force Trump to resign or pull out of a 2020 run after the Mueller report is released. They then plan, the rumors go, to put up Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, or John Kasich as the GOP candidate.  All are sure to lose against even a Socialist Democrat candidate, but they probably know that and don’t care.

Thune selected Romney despite some pushback from GOP senators unhappy he launched his Senate career with an attack on the president.

Romney said he supports building a wall, but not an emergency declaration. He will fight the President on everything, or most everything.

Romney has a leadership PAC, and it’s likely he’s hoping to be a presidential candidate, possibly in Trump’s place. He’s the new Jeff Flake, and just as delusional.



  1. Mitt Romney wants to run for President. His constitutional eligibility should be carefully investigated. His father was born in Mexico and I think he was never naturalized an American citizen. If so, his son Mitt is not a natural born citizen of the United States.

    • He cannot win the nomination in 2020, would be unlikely to win the nomination in 2024, can never win a general election. He’s just another rich spoiled brat than cannot accept his deficiencies.

    • That is like saying the simple fact that Obama’s father was Kenyan disqualified him which it did not. I’m not a birther but there is something rotten there. Regardless Romney was born on American soil so qualified like it or not.

  2. Excuse me but WTF is that backstabbing POS going to do beside push candidates that hate trump to the fore and be another flake or McCain in the Senate. But what do you expect from McConnell

    • Trump should be looking into McConnel Family connections to China, and let him know he is on the watch list for committing espionage against his country, both he and his wife

  3. Well, I’m through with the Entire Republican Party. If Trump is on the ticket in the next election that will be the only vote I cast. If, by chance he would not be on the ticket, whether by choice or primary I will not even bother to vote. I was naive to think the Republican party actually had principles and “integrity”. They are far worse than Democrats with their, “just give us more power” crap. They now have a “leader” who is Stronger than any leader in my lifetime and WHAT do they do, undermine him at every opportunity. I can’t wait for the next fundraising letter I get. I will make it a point to call out the feckless, dishonest, conniving, etc, losers they are. I will no longer vote for ANY of THEM. These last two years have proved beyond any shadow of a doubt there is absolutely no difference in the two parties. GOOD RIDDANCE. The best that could happen is if the Party completely collapses and from the ashes a party who cares about US arises.

    • The party is not our friend, just a lesser evil. Look at that list of whips, over half are anti-Trump. Mitch has a lot to do with moving the senate to the left while pretending to be some kind of hero over Kavanaugh.


    • Americans don’t listen to Mitt, but the Senate will because he controls a powerful monied PAC. He wants the presidency, he is conniving, manipulative, arrogant, but has connections, including Soros. Mitt sold his soul a long time ago, to reach the presidency. He is under the Mormon illusion that he has been “called” to it and will save the country. The Mormon mafia, his super PAC, are waiting to put themselves into high places in the government which Mitt would appoint and save us all. They are delusional. Smartest and most adept Mormon in Congress is Senator Lee, a constitutionalist and has integrity.

  5. Mitt ‘McCain’ Romney actually now thinks he is president-in-waiting and is busy putting his governance group together … I hear that former Senator Flake is going to be his Secretary of State; Senator ‘Vietnam’ Blumenthal will head up the Department of Defense, and Kamala Harris will be his Attorney-General.

  6. Wow… I’m an Independent and glad to remain so. I cannot fathom any good reason for Republican leadership to reward Romney with a leadership post after his public attack on the leader of their own party. For all the criticism of Trump’s thin skin, paranoia, etc., I genuinely feel sorry for him when Senate Republicans signal such disrespect for him rather than support him to do his best. Disgusting.

  7. This shows that many Senate Republicans are wanting to undermine the president. Choosing this weasel shows disrespect to the Republican base who voted to make Donald Trump the president. It is a slap in the face by the open borders globalist and corporatist Establishment Republicans against the rest of us. Shame on them all.

  8. Make no mistake, Romney sold his soul to the globalists after 2012. He is the globalists “useful idiot” in a blue one button opened Oxford cloth shirt, with sleeve cuffs rolled twice, and groomed, Men’s Club sprayed hair.

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