Trump Blasts Chelsea Manning for Being an Ingrate


Bradley, now calls himself Chelsea Manning
Bradley, calls himself Chelsea Manning pre-reassignment surgery

President Trump tweeted it was “terrible” that traitor Chelsea Manning criticized Barack Obama as a weak leader after the former president released him from prison. President Trump called him ungrateful.

What would anyone expect?

Manning is a traitor who released 750,000 pages of classified Army documents and videos and distributed them to Wikileaks for publication.

He was serving a 20-year prison term for his crime.

In a column for the guardian, he bashed Obama’s “vulnerable” legacy as a reminder that “what we need is a strong and unapologetic progressive to lead us.”

Yes, that’s what we need – an unapologetic communist leading us.

The column was titled, Compromise doesn’t work with political opponents. There was never any compromise, but Obama obviously wasn’t dictatorial enough for Manning and the far-left Guardian.

Then Manning said the US is “moving into darker times”.

Ash Carter told Obama not to commute this guy’s sentence. He’s a traitor and will work for the hard-left to take down this country. He never should have been released from jail.

Obama thought the sentence was “disproportionate”. It was, he should have been shot.

Chelsea Manning was Bradley Manning at the time and tried to get the US Army to pay for his reassignment surgery after betraying the country.

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