Trump blasts Schiff as deranged & Dems speed ahead with impeachment


The Russia collusion hoax is the biggest and most dangerous scandal in American political history. The mainstream media were active participants in the hoax, whether by malfeasance, incompetence, or partisanship, or all of the aforementioned, is unclear.

There was no collusion and no one was held accountable.

The Ukraine case also has nothing to do with ‘misbehavior’ and everything to do with a landing pad for their desperate efforts to impeach the President by Christmas. They wouldn’t even wait for the courts because it is not a legitimate impeachment inquiry.

Impeachment is a foregone conclusion.

There is no impeachable conduct, but that doesn’t matter as Democrats have said. All we have are assumptions and gossip. Democrats used polls to settle on bribery as the crime — so far.


The real scandal of Ukraine was Hunter Biden’s and Joe Biden’s extortion/bribery shenanigans.

The Ukrainians hired the ne’er-do-well Hunter for influence and Burisma paid Hunter more than $83,000 a month.

Hunter doesn’t speak Ukrainian, doesn’t have the proper business experience, and knows nothing about energy companies. Yet, he was paid more than $83,000 a month.

Republicans will make something of the Biden scandal during the trial of the President.

This is the scandal of Washington and the public employees who retire as rich people.


Schiff’s impeachment report is to be released later today.

House Intelligence Committee Republicans have filed their 133-page report summarizing the case against impeachment. The Wall Street Journal has posted it online here.

Wednesday’s Judiciary Committee hearing is to take up the constitutional basis of impeachment with four law professors. Democrats will call Harvard Law Professor Noah Feldman, Stanford Law Professor Pamela Karlan, and UNC Law Professor Michael Gerhardt. Republicans will call George Washington University Law School Professor Jonathan Turley, who airs his view The Hill column “Watergate line speaks volumes about weak impeachment case.”

Republicans only had one choice of an expert while Democrats had three. That’s fair?


It must be an awful feeling for the President to be impeached by these abusive people.

Today, Trump called out Adam Schiff. During his overseas tour in London, he called the House Intelligence Committee chairman a “maniac” and a “deranged human being” over his handling of the impeachment inquiry.

Trump was speaking to reporters alongside Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the sidelines of a NATO summit when he was asked what he would hope to learn from having Schiff testify in a possible Senate impeachment trial.

“I learn nothing from Adam Schiff, I think he’s a maniac,” Trump said. “I think Adam Schiff is a deranged human being,” he continued, concluding, “I think he’s a very sick man, and he lies.”


It hasn’t hurt the President’s popularity. It’s unchanged, despite 24/7 abuse by Democrats and the media.

Yesterday, 48% of Americans approved of the job the President is doing, according to Rasmussen. Two polls show a third of Black Americans support the President.

Sadly, 42% of Americans from 18 to 39 years of age will happily vote for a socialist president.


Democrats know they will lose in the Senate, but they want this. They can’t beat Trump at the polls with their embarrassingly weak slate of candidates so they have to destroy him. They want power, the power of the presidency.

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