Trump Again Blasts “Untruthful Slime Ball” Comey Sunday


Jim Comey wrote a vicious book attacking the President and President Trump is lashing out.

“A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership” is set to be released next week and it is salacious and undignified. Former FBI Director Jim Comey doesn’t know if prostitutes peed on a bed in Russia, doesn’t understand what kind of marriage Trump has, and thinks the half-moon around his orange eyes resulted from the tanning bed.

The book tour should promise to be more of the same.

Comey’s memoir also points to his politicization of the FBI but he coyly says, he “wasn’t consciously” opening up the probe because he knew Hillary wasn’t going to win. But “it [politics] must have been” a “consideration”, he said. He was trying to do “the right thing” and didn’t want her to be an illegitimate President from the moment she got into office.

That is making it political. He should have only looked at the case and acted accordingly. The revelation of the Hillary emails on Carlos Danger’s laptop was known for weeks before anything was done. It was slow-walked.

The spin about James Comey Sunday is that he was harder on Hillary Clinton to ensure she would be a “legitimate” president when she won. The likely reason Comey re-opened the probe into Hillary’s emails was the NYPD and the Manhattan FBI threatened to expose it.

Watch his innocent and holier-than-thou routine.

The FBI isn’t happy with the Comey book.

The Real Reason Comey Re-Opened the Probe

Weeks before the election, Hillary’s emails were found on his laptop. His wife, Hillary’s top aide, used his laptop to download classified material. Apparently, violating national security didn’t matter. It didn’t matter to Comey who had the agents speed through the computer examination in order to exonerate her before the election. He didn’t prosecute Huma either.

We now know from the IG report on Andrew McCabe that the Obama political official, the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General (PADAG), told then-Deputy Assistant Director Andrew McCabe to shut down the probe into the Clinton Foundation.

Comey definitely wasn’t harder on Hillary Clinton. But it is believable that he assumed she would win and this probe wouldn’t hurt her.

According to an interview with Blackwater founder Erik Prince, the police found so much nasty and criminal garbage on the Weiner laptop that they handed it over to the FBI. Hillary was on Epstein’s island five times, Prince said as he discussed underage sex, pay-to-play, and money laundering found on the computer.

The criminal charges Prince said would come down the pike were never realized. However, he said what was found on Weiner’s laptop was so bad, the NYPD threatened the FBI with exposure if they didn’t follow up on the classified information.

Go to 08:34 for the relevant Prince interview. At 13:54, the sound cuts off and you have to go to this next video.


The President was mocked Sunday for tweeting about James Comey.
The President’s responses don’t seem that harsh to some given Comey’s attack book. Nevertheless, Comey has hinted he will sue the President for defamation of character.

His tweets:

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