Trump Signs Swamptastic Crummibus, Promises “Never Again”


President Trump signed the Crummibus spending bill Friday. It raises the deficit spending by more than $800 billion and guts the Trump agenda – at least for now. It allows an extra $61 billion-plus for the military. The President said the military spending is so crucial that it is more important than any other agenda item.

The addendum to the last spending bill says there will be no budget next year, according to David Bratt. The Crummibus ends in October. We will only have spending bills and continuing resolutions with no budget in the near future if Bratt is accurate. That’s not very constitutional.

The President said he signed the Crummibus as a “matter of national security”. He knows he is hurting himself and he claims the reason is the military. Who knows? Maybe they have something else on him. He seemed disheartened.

Trump has these beautiful, intelligent sluts giving interviews, possibly damaging his marriage, his son is facing a messy divorce, Mueller is closing in. He might have given up or he might feels he has no power. The swamp knows he is weakened and went for his jugular with this bill.

The only alternative to Trump is the leftist Progressive agenda. We have no other choice. Let the smoke clear and let’s see what happens. Maybe some of these reports are inaccurate. I just started reading the Crummibus.

The Swamp Broke Trump, Gutted Immigration

The bill, being lauded by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, gutted the immigration agenda. There is nothing for the border wall except some piddling repairs to ineffective fencing and it adds drones, according to various people like Laura Ingraham and Sen.Rand Paul.

THERE WILL BE NO NEW ICE AGENTS. ICE agents, who enforce job enforcement laws against hiring illegals, have been CUT! There will be fewer detention facilities. That means we will have more of Obama’s catch and release. At least that’s how it appears after listening to the Homeland Security babe.

Sanctuary cities/states that destroy our culture, morality, and cohesiveness will be fully funded. This is despite the fact that sanctuaries are very unpopular.

Isn’t the illegal immigration also a vital matter of national security? The $1.6 billion for the wall is almost meaningless but we give the President an A+ for putting lipstick on the pig. His statement that he got a down payment on the border wall is bordering on a lie since the language in the bill prohibits — PROHIBITS — a concrete wall. Maybe they changed the language this morning, but don’t count on it.

Border Walls in the Middle East

The Department of Defense has unlimited funds to secure Middle Eastern borders. They can BUILD WALLS in the Middle East. But, wait, I thought walls didn’t work???

The President said a bill like this will “never happen again”. I would hope so but it’s hard to believe. This outrageous, wasteful bill of $1.3 trillion in discretionary funding will end in October. This only covers six months and we still have the trillion dollar infrastructure bill hanging out there.

Who believes the GOP will stand strong the month before the election when the spending bill ends? The Democrats get everything they want in this bill because they have the GOP living in terror of a shutdown. Shut the frakin’ government DOWN!

The GOP wants what the Democrats want — to destroy Trump.

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