Trump Calls Out Wind and Solar Industry



The wind industry killing eagles isn’t sitting well with Donald Trump. The Obama administration passed a new Federal rule this month which allows the wind turbine companies to kill up to 4200 bald eagles alone.

Oh, what does it matter, we have the Buffalo as our national bison now.

Trump cast a light on alternative energy in a speech Thursday during a press conference in Bismarck, ND, calling out the wind industry for killing eagles:

“We’ll have all sorts of energy. We will have everything you can think of including solar. And I know a lot about solar. The problem is it’s very expensive. When you have a 30-year payback, that’s the not greatest thing in the world. I have gone solar on occasion and it is a very, very expensive thing.

Wind is expensive. Wind without subsidies doesn’t work. You need massive subsidies for wind and if you go to various places in California, wind is killing all of the eagles.

Shooting an eagle, they want to put you in jail for five years and yet the windmills are killing hundreds and hundreds of eagles.

One of the most beautiful, one of the most treasured birds and killing them by the hundreds and nothing happens. Wind is, you know, it is a problem. Plus it’s very, very expensive and doesn’t work without subsidy.

So — despite that, I’m into all types of energy. By the way, while we are in North Dakota I have to say this. I love the farmers. And the farmers are incredible. We have to remember this was largely a farm state. And they produce tremendous crops of tremendous different goods of which I eat a lot of them. And, and I just want to pay my respects to the farmers of north Dakota. Because they have done a great job. All right. One more. Go ahead.”



  1. A few years ago, I did a brief stint putting together a database of the alternative energy companies in the USA. I rapidly came to the conclusion that it’s all a con. They have managed to get the USA to mandate a certain percentage of alternative energy used by the utility (power) companies. Over and over you see “private” companies create these monstrous projects that are going to be sold to the monopolistic utility (crony capitalists) companies. Is follows the socialistic European model. Indeed, many of the generation projects are begun by European companies.

    WASS-OYS (We Are So Screwed-Oh, Ye, Suckers).

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