Trump Can’t Come Close to Obama’s ‘Collusion’ with Russia


Rep. Steve Scalise tweeted that President Trump went to the Russia-Putin summit from a position of strength. The representative linked to an article at the Free Beacon. He stuck up for the President, something that takes courage these days especially for Rep. Scalise who nearly died at the hands of a crazed Bernie supporter.


He’s right to suggest that Barack Obama always came from a position of weakness. For eight years, the free beacon writes: Russia invaded Ukraine, annexed Crimea [let’s not forget he disarmed the Ukrainians at the same time], propped up Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, and interfered in the 2016 election.

The article goes into: the mislabeled reset button, the surrender of the missile defense shield, the START Treaty which the Russians continuously violated while the US abided by it; the infamous hot mic with Obama promising to be more flexible after his next election [on missile defense]; Obama mocked Romney for explaining that Russia was our most dangerous political foe [although the Sentinel would put China first]; Russia annexed Crimea; Russia helped kill a quarter million people in Syria and Russia killed U.S.-backed rebels who he said were terrorists; Russia interfered with our election and Obama said “cut it out”.

Thank you Rep. Scalise.

The Democrats have a talent for projecting their core weaknesses onto Republicans. People buy it. Amazing!



  1. In Obama’s recent speech in South Africa, “Russia, already humiliated by its reduced influence since the collapse of the Soviet Union, feeling threatened, by democratic movements along its borders, suddenly started reasserting authoritarian control and in some cases meddling with its neighbors,” Obama says. Note the emphasis. Obama describes the invasion of Ukraine as “meddling”. (He has a history of such minimalist rhetoric, including describing ISIS as a jayvee team.). All of it is a reaction, not an action. Russia was humiliated. (Also a term often applied to excuse terrorism.) It was reacting to the modern liberal order and it is therefore more of a victim. The problem is capitalism and income inequality. Totalitarian countries are really victims of the same progressive countries that he praises. Wealth must be shared. Economic prosperity must be equalized. Per Daniel Greenfield, ‘Double Standard: Obama Defended Russia in South Africa in Speech’

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