Trump defends himself against new ‘Never Trumper’


President Donald J. Trump has used Twitter brilliantly — despite some errors along the way — to get his message out. Most will agree that he can’t get a fair shake from the media, and studies bear that out. Twitter has given him an avenue to speak directly to the people.

This morning, the President went to Twitter to defend himself against the “Never Trumper” witness who was listening in on the Ukraine call.

One question he asked is why someone he never even heard of was listening in on his high-level call. He told people to read the transcript and they should. Go to the original source and decide for yourself.

In another tweet, he complained that the “do-nothing Democrats” are forgetting about the “Best Economy Ever, the monumental weekend raid, Tax Cuts, the Rebuilding of our Military, etc.”

Then he asked about the whistleblower. Where is he? Democrats say they don’t need him and most Republicans say he was just a leaker used to launch another probe.

Today’s witness seems to be suggesting something was said that wasn’t in the transcript. That is an avenue suggested by Adam Schiff who questioned the transcript. He wanted something more verbatim, he claims.



Today’s witness’s testimony looks like an effort to say the transcript is inaccurate. We will find out when Democrats leak their talking points around the testimony today.

The hearing is still secret and Republicans are not allowed to reveal a thing. Only Democrats leak during these hearings/depositions.

Sean Duffy, now a CNN contributor, was battling over the witness today and you can hear that on BizPacReview.

It’s a mystery to us how the President keeps going in the face of bureaucrats at war with him. Today’s witness has served him country but his role now is more bureaucratic.

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