TRUMP!!?? Dems Block Investigations, Destroy Evidence & Plead the 5th


No longer able to properly represent working class voters, Democrats have increasingly become the party of obstruction. And, more than just reflexively blocking President Trump’s every policy, it is they, not him, who’ve shown a clear history of obstructing justice.

Despite their never ending calls for transparency into everything Trump and Russia, when those under suspicion are either “one of their own” or connected to that person, Dems have shown virtually no interest in “getting to the bottom” of either genuine scandals or obvious law breaking.

Behold a very brief, limited review.

Obama Attorney General Eric Holder refused Congress’ order to turn over documents related to the notorious, government-botched Fast & Furious gun running scandal; even after Border Agent Brian Terry was murdered with one of those “lost” weapons. Further, Holder was not telling the truth on May 3, 2011, when he testified he’d only “heard about Fast & Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.” Documents revealed he’d been informed on July 5, 2010.

Hillary Clinton used BleachBit to scrub her private email server, while another 33,000 of Hill’s electronic messages magically vanished.   Meanwhile, other Clinton campaign-related mobile devices were either “lost” or smashed with hammers.

During appearances before Congress, infamous IRS honcho, and anti-Tea Party bureaucrat Lois Lerner pleaded the 5th Amendment multiple times over the course of 2 separate hearings.

Democrats, led by the ultra partisan Elijah Cummings, tried giving cover to Hillary Clinton’s technology director, Bryan Pagliano, even after the IT guy brazenly blew off a House Oversight and Government Reform Committee subpoena.

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz threatened Capitol Hill Police with “consequences” when they collected her computer. It took months and the arrest of her long time, shady IT guy (Imran Awan) as he was about follow his $300 K back to Pakistan, before the former DNC Chairwoman gave the OK to look at her laptop.

FUSION GPS is a murky political outfit that has been “credited” with creating the fake news, opposition research on Donald Trump, that made it’s way into US intel agencies, and may have started the whole collusion spin. Its head, Glenn Simpson, basically following Pagliano’s apparently full proof method of avoiding uncomfortable questions, simply refused to come before the Senate.

Regarding the above, earlier this past week Democrats used an arcane parliamentary trick to prevent Bill Browder, CEO of Hermitage Capital from giving Senate testimony.   Undaunted Mr. Browder changed his travel plans and remained in D.C. to offer extremely damaging evidence against both FUSION and the allegedly “vacationing” Mr. Simpson.

Democrats giving Simpson a pass while trying to stymie Browder shows they’re worried about a thorough investigation into FUSION GPS. Mark Levin did a lengthy, detailed report. Please do listen to this, it’s STUNNING!

Can anyone imagine the political firestorm if just one of President Trump’s children, appointees, political allies, or even a lower echelon member of his staff had: refused to turn over documents, not told the truth to Congress, bleach bit their servers, “misplaced” 30,000 emails, smashed mobile devices, “lost” phones, pleaded the 5th, blew off a D.C. subpoena, threatened law enforcement, refused to come before the Senate, or blocked a critical witness from appearing?

The Democrat/Media outcry would be deafening and unrelenting. The flagrant hypocrisy is as shameless and dangerous as the pols and media who aid and abet it.

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