Trump Didn’t Commit a Crime But Comey Is In Big Trouble


President Trump was embarrassed today but there was nothing new except for Jim Comey’s illegal leaking.

Trump did not obstruct justice but Comey is likely in trouble for leaking. At least Jay Sekulow and Bill O’Reilly think that was the big news made today.

Alan Dershowitz said there was no obstruction of justice, there was no crime. That was obvious during Thursday’s testimony as was the fact that there is no Trump-Russia collusion investigation.

Jim Comey made a serious mistake that will cause him some difficulties.

Bill O’Reilly spoke about the Comey testimony during his premium members podcast this evening. He believes Comey is in big trouble for leaking his memo. Jay Sekulow said the same thing on Hannity’s radio show this afternoon. You can’t just leak, Sekulow said, though Comey seems to think what he did was fine. What Comey did was give his confidential memos memorializing conversations between the President and him to a Columbia professor to leak to the NY Times.

Jay Sekulow said: Fired FBI Director Comey just admitted under oath that he had a privileged memo leaked to the media. He testified that he did so to manipulate the situation and force the appointment of a Special Counsel. It’s clear Comey is part of the Resistance. He is intentionally undermining the President. He is a leaker.

If it’s not illegal, it’s certainly unethical and Comey deserved to be fired for that alone.

O’Reilly says:

“Ok, now we go to the headline of the whole day. Comey then says, really without being prompted, I was afraid that my side of the story wasn’t going to be told after I was fired. So I leaked my memo about a privileged conversation the president.

Remember, executive privilege extends to all government officials that deal with it. So when you talk to a president in a working capacity, that could be a privileged conversation. You don’t just run out of the Oval Office and tell everybody about it. I mean, there’s an ethical responsibility. Can’t say it’s illegal—ethical responsibility.

So Comey gives his memos about Flynn to his friend at Columbia University, a professor, who gives it to the New York Times, a newspaper hostile, a newspaper that Comey knew printed false stories against Trump. Comey knew this. This is the big headline of the day. And Trump’s lawyer, Kasowitz, Mark Kasowitz, made a big deal about that today.

You’re going to see an investigation now into Comey’s leaking. So Comey admits he did it. He admits he did it, but the senators…

I tweeted immediately, this is what I tweeted:

Comey admits he asked a friend to leak his conversation with Trump about Flynn to a reporter. A bombshell the sluggish senators are ignoring. Major development! If Trump knew about that, that was cause to fire Comey.

If Trump got wind, and he may have, we don’t know, that Comey was leaking memos to the New York Times, he’s done. But Trump has not said that. Trump’s lawyer said that Comey’s excuse that Trump was tweeting bad things about the FBI and Comey wanted his side to be told is untrue because the New York Times referenced the memos, the Comey memos, a day before that tweet.

Comey is in trouble. In trouble. This is the big headline today because we knew all the other Flynn stuff. We knew all the other stuff.

I mean, I’ve got to tell you…the dopey senators sitting there, nobody got it. Nobody got it. And the media didn’t get it either until I tweeted. I’m taking credit. I tweeted this out and I went on Newsmax and said what’s going on? And once I did that, ten minutes after I went on Newsmax, ten minutes, all the cable channels…

But in the beginning…..

I can’t tell you how big this is.”

Listen to O’Reilly.

As Karl Rove said, James Comey is one of the biggest leakers.

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