Trump Doesn’t Make ANY PROFIT from G-7 or from Any Foreign Visitors


It’s a beautiful resort with all the amenities. The G-7 would have a wonderful time.

President Trump hopes to fete G-7 at his beautiful National Doral resort near Miami at cost. Whenever foreign visitors use his hotels, all profit goes back to the government. He, and his family who work in the White House, do not take any salaries. Those salaries also go back to the government.

So what is all the talk about the Emoluments Clause? More fake news!

The President mentioned hosting the G-7 at the Doral in August but the heads are really exploding now. It looks like the Syria scandal might be almost over, and they need a new scandal to fill the void.

Back in August, the Washington Post claimed that “the decision would be an unprecedented use of American power to create private revenue for the American President.” They added the decision would direct “massive amounts of money to a resort he owns personally.”

Now, they could have run this story by the White House to find out what the plan was for the money, but they chose not to.

If they had, they would have found out that everything will be offered at cost plus he gives all profits from foreigners at his hotels back to the federal government. The media has known about this since February of this year, yet, they persist in trying to hang him with an Emoluments Clause.

Emoluments only cover the conferring of titles or gifts.

To make matters more unfair, Trump has been sued by [far-left] good-government groups and others alleging he is violating the emoluments clauses of the Constitution by opening his door to such business.

If he banned foreigners from his hotels — run by his sons, not him — they’d say, see, he hates foreigners.

As the economy grows, the President has lost over $1 billion dollars since assuming the presidency. The only one not profiting from this economy is Donald J. Trump and his family. They give all and get threatened with imprisonment in return.



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