Trump Explains That He Will Negotiate for Lower Taxes, Fight for the Middle Class, Business



Donald Trump will focus his fight/negotiations with Democrats on helping the Middle Class and business but, as he said, he is not a dictator and must work with Congress. He won’t get everything he wants.

He’s getting a lot of flak for changing his positions but he has said all along he will make deals. His shifting positions may or may not be a problem since he does not have an ideological base of any kind but he does appear to have standards,

People need to read his book, Art of the Deal.

Donald Trump’s tax plan, which has been praised by conservative economist Larry Kudlow, is the starting point in negotiations, he explained to George Stephanopoulos on abc’s Sunday news show This Week.

“…George. And I’ll say this to people, I’ve said it many times. I make deals,” Trump said. “I negotiate. I put out a plan that has a massive, massive tax — bigger than any other candidate. We have to negotiate with congress. You know, I’m not going to be able to say, like, President Obama let’s do an executive order, OK. It would be wonder, it would be a lot easier, but you just can’t do it when you’re not supposed to do it.”

“He may do something — and what he’s done will probably — much of it will be overturned by the courts. What I’m doing is I’m putting in a plan and that’s my maximum plan. It’s what I want.”

Trump will be flexible on the minimum wage and on taxing the wealthy but will “fight like hell” for the middle class which he accurately describes as “decimated.” He will fight for business.

“Now, it will be a negotiation. I will try and keep everything — what I really want is lower on business, because business — we’re the highest taxed nation in the world. And I want lower in the middle class. The middle class in this country is getting decimated. I want — and I will fight like hell for that.”

When asked about taxing the rich, he said they may pay more than he has outlined in his plan. Under Trump’s current plan, the top tax rate drops from 39.6 percent to 25 percent.

” I have a feeling we may pay some more. But I’ll tell you, the middle class is going to pay a lot less. And I wouldn’t mind paying more, George. We’ve got to do something. I mean I wouldn’t mind paying more.”

“But business will pay less. The middle class will pay less. We’re going to bring in our money. You know, the corporate inversion is what’s going on is incredible, with the companies leaving. But we have trillions of dollars outside of the country. We have a 10 percent tax on that money. Right now, they can’t bring it back in. And by not bringing it back in, George, that’s a disaster.”

He was asked about raising the minimum wage and he said, “Well, I am looking at it and I haven’t decided in terms of numbers. But I think people have to get more.”

Stephanopoulos said that it was a change in his position and he responded by saying, “Well, sure it’s a change. I’m allowed to change. You need flexibility, George, whether it’s a tax plan where you’re going to — where you know you’re going to negotiate. But we’re going to come up with something.”

He also said something else that was very important – “Let the states decide.”

This shouldn’t come as a surprise since Trump has been clear that he will negotiate from his position to make the deal.

Trump is being criticized for moving off a very conservative position as his campaign prepares for a general election. Some see it as a very concerning shift in positions but it isn’t really. He has said all along that he will make the deal and negotiate with people like Nancy Pelosi. He has to do that when you think about it.

He is going to be flexible on every position but said he will stick to his basic tenets.


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