Trump got everything he wanted, the wall, Space Force, everything


President Trump got everything he wanted in the $738 billion defense bill. That’s a remarkable improvement. This is as Democrats are impeaching him. Strangest thing they’ve done yet.

“The House on Wednesday overwhelmingly passed a $738 billion defense bill that funds the US-Mexico border wall, the Space Force, and continued U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, handing President Donald Trump a big win.”

That’s huge!

“The bill provides for a massive boost in military spending compared to 2019 — an increase of $22 billion — and authorizes the creation of a Space Force, a sixth branch of the military that Trump has pushed for.”

Progressive language was cut uut

“The final draft of the legislation also excluded language progressive Democrats like Congressman Ro Khanna have championed, including measures aimed at ending US support for the Saudi-led coalition in the Yemen war, placing restrictions on the use of military funds for the president’s border wall project, and requiring congressional approval for any military action against Iran, among other provisions.”

The leftist Khanna wasn’t happy.

New Policy Issue

They also both agreed to a new policy issue, which Sentinel could do without — the 12-week paid family leave.

Sinclair Broadcast Group reported, “It’s a rare occasion in Washington when Democrats, Republicans and the White House can share a victory on any policy issue. But both sides are poised to pass legislation that will guarantee 12 weeks of paid parental leave for all federal employees.”

We are $23 trillion in debt and this is basically middle-class welfare, or one could look at it as a union giveaway with nothing in return. Ivanka Trump pushed for it.

“The House approved the provision Wednesday as part of a must-pass defense authorization bill and Senate Republicans appear to have the support to send it to President Donald Trump’s desk next week. Though it only applies to 2.1 million federal employees and only covers time off for the birth or adoption of a child, proponents of the legislation have described as a first step toward paid family leave and paid medical leave benefits for all American workers.”

It is just a first step and could quickly grow out of control. Federal workers are already paid a lot more than workers in the private sector.

The Senate takes it up next week.

The House also approved the USMCA trade deal with Mexico and Canada.

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4 years ago

I don’t like anything to do with Ivanka Trump. She’s not that bright. I don’t trust her and her husband.

Elena McCoy
Elena McCoy
4 years ago

Democrats are in trouble and they know it. It’s because they didn’t pass any important legislation and don’t have anything to show for the next election. They want people to forget about impeachment. They are in trouble with the 31 democrats in red states. But republicans should focus on the Senate. We cannot lose one seat. Democrats continue to harvest votes and win elections. Kemp had 740k votes at closing and the next day the same. It’s impossible one single vote to be added in the last districts. Something is up.