Trump Has Clinched the Nomination


Donald Trump has clinched the nomination, passing the requisite number with 1238. Unbound delegates told the AP that they are voting for Trump at the Convention. The fact that unbound delegates are moving towards Trump is a strong indication that he is uniting the party.

For some people, the #NeverTrumpers could look like traitors who are supporting a criminal who was responsible for Chinagate, Uraniumgate, emailgate, and the money laundering Clinton Foundation. She has made it clear that she will destroy the Second Amendment. But, people have to go with their conscience.

There will be no contested convention.

Trump is a businessman who has no political experience which is his charm. Despite his flaws, he loves America, and unlike Barack Obama, he can learn.

There are five more contests that will easily put him above these numbers.

It’s quite stunning. He defeated the entire GOP and some very fine candidates.

Can he win over the rank and file? His comments against Susana Martinez were unfortunate. He should leave Susana alone.

If Trump wins, we get to keep our Bill of Rights, especially our First and Second Amendments, we get conservative Justices, we might get jobs and better trade deals. He said he would replace Obamacare and Common Core would be gone. That’s good enough for me.

Crooked Hillary is not acceptable. I am a #neverHillary. Trump wasn’t my choice but the people have spoken.

On another interesting note, Donald Trump and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders independently agreed Wednesday night to debate each other.

That will be a ratings bonanza – the Socialist and the Capitalist, but the candidates want some of the portions of the proceeds to go to charity.

On ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Trump was asked if he would consider holding a debate with Sanders. Trump agreed to the idea.

“If he paid a sum toward charity I would love to do that,” said the business mogul, noting that a Sanders vs. Trump debate “would have such high ratings.”

Bernie quickly responded – Game on!

Barack Obama said foreign leaders were “rattled” about the possibility of Trump winning. Who cares? They don’t have our interests at heart though they do hope to influence our elections. The RINOs, the Socialist-Democrat Party and the foreign dictators/socialists don’t want Trump. Hmmm….

We are awaiting Donald Trump’s Tweet on this.