Trump Appears to Have Picked His VP And It Is…



Update: 02/26/16: MSNBC is wrong. Donald Trump said Friday that he never considered Marco Rubio and definitely won’t now because “he’s a choker and once a choker, always a choker”. “Good job Chris,” he said addressing Chris Christie who just endorsed him. Any points that he lost, he picked up during his press conference. Trump grabbed the attention and both he and Christie were able to demonize Rubio.

Many think they know who Donald Trump’s VP will be. It’s not going to be John Kasich who is better suited for the role of social worker-in-chief. It will likely be Marco Rubio. The evidence is in. Rubio’s alleged establishment credentials are being buoyed by his flood of endorsements from the elite in power, Trump wants a politician, and they’ve joined forces to knock out Cruz.

The establishment has put their chips on Trump and Rubio. They have even tossed Kasich aside.


Morning Joe discussed the friendly relationship between Donald Trump and Marco Rubio Tuesday morning. Rubio said he won’t attack Trump because “he’s not in the race to attack anyone” though he seems to hold a different view when it comes to Ted Cruz and he tag teams with Trump to paint Cruz as a liar even when the evidence backs up Cruz.

Trump for his part says he won’t attack Rubio because “so far he’s been very nice” though he has called Rubio a “clown”, he’s “overrated”, he’s “nowhere” in the polls, he’s a “lightweight”, he “doesn’t show up to votes”, and he said he knows Florida better than Rubio.

Rubio hasn’t been all the “very nice.” He berated Donald Trump’s foreign policy experience – not without reason.

“Donald Trump has zero foreign policy experience. Negotiating a hotel deal in another country is not foreign policy experience.”

Rubio went after Trump for his vulgarity.

“Even in our political culture I teach my kids to be respectful. There are certain words you don’t say,” Rubio said, adding, “You turn on the TV and a leading presidential candidate is saying profanity from a stage.”

“Profanity from a stage,” Rubio repeated for effect.

At a New Hampshire campaign event this week, Trump repeated a crowd member’s insult of Cruz: “She said — I never expect to hear that from you again! — she said: ‘He’s a pussy.’ That’s terrible.”

Rubio also pointed out that Trump is substituting a clear vision for hostility.

“While anger and frustration can motivate you to do something, you’ve got to know what you’re going to do, and voters deserve to know how you’re going to do it,” the Florida senator said. “He tells you what the result is going to be, but he refuses to outline how we’re going to achieve these things, and voters deserve to know that.”

So, what is really going on here? They are trying to join forces to obliterate Cruz, that’s obvious. Trump is a liberal Republican and Rubio is now the establishment choice because, though he’s not perfect like George Bush or John Kasich, he’s seen as a pliable candidate, at least some believe that.

They believe it at Morning Joe and they are also convinced that is why Marco Rubio will be Trump’s VP choice. Rubio will do whatever he’s told and whatever he has to do, according to these analysts.




  1. Rubio is a poor choice. Trump needs to vet Marco before he makes this decision. It’s way too early. There is a rumor of extra-marital affairs by Rubio and sitting in a hot bub with other male gender. Seventeen trips he made with a female lobbyist. Rubio is a proverbial liar and will do anything to get elected. Trump needs to look at a woman and Carson before making his decision. Keep it clean and straight!

  2. This author is obviously a gay neocon globalist anti American. Cruz , thief, liar , gay, liberal, anti constitutionalist open borders socialist who wants to dissolve US sovereignty.

  3. Not a chance ANY will be acceptable. I am expecting a new face completely. Putting Rubio or Cruz in assures assassination attempt like Reagan had from GHW Bush. I hear its Sylvester Stallone.

  4. Trump should ask Cruz to be the VP! He is truly a patriot who has stood against the entire Congress on immigration & all other things having to do with freedom and the Judaeo-Christian beliefs, values & laws this country was founded on! He is the true all American & a lawyer to beat! He would help bring American back to being great again! Choose Cruz!

  5. Disregard this post. NONE of it is true, TRUMP has not (and will not while primaries are still on-going) and will be consulting with several others before making that all-important decision. Got that from a good source, BTW.

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