Trump-Hating Romney Found the Trump-Ukraine Memo “Deeply Troubling”


Trump-hating Sen. Mitt Romney (Fake Republican-Utah) said on Tuesday that a transcript of a call between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is “deeply troubling.”

“I did read the transcript. It remains troubling in the extreme. It’s deeply troubling,” Romney told reporters. “Clearly what we’ve seen from the transcript itself is deeply troubling.”

Romney added: “There’s a process the House is pursuing. The Senate is also looking at the testimony of the whistleblower.”

Did he read the same transcript we read? The most you can say about it is Trump throws caution to the wind when he speaks and says whatever is on his mind. He obviously wants Ukraine to look into their government corruption as it concerns the United States and the Bidens.

It demonstrates far less pressure than Democrats have put on Ukraine. Democrats pressured Ukraine during the 2016 election but Ukraine didn’t seem to acquiesce except, allegedly, in the case of the Bidens. That will now be investigated.

Where Romney gets his “deeply troubling” mantra from, suggesting the Democrats are right to move forward on impeachment, is a mystery.

This is typical Trump and the Democrats overreached. They made decisions without facts or evidence. Romney has no problem with that.

He doesn’t need evidence as long as he can get rid of Trump.

Yes, Trump asked the Ukraine President to investigate possible corrupt influence in the 2016 election and after. And, yes, he told him he would have AG Barr contact him. He also suggested Rudy Giuliani’s involvement, probably since Giuliani has investigated. None of that is impeachable.

The fact is the President should be concerned about collusion and influence in the 2016 election by Ukraine and Democrats. Why is it only a concern if Trump appears inappropriate?

Why aren’t we looking into evidence and documents showing Democrats sought Ukraine’s influence in 2016 and 2018?

There are also reports that Joe Biden set up the Burisma deal [the corrupt Hunter Biden-Ukraine gas company deal] for his son.




  1. Deeply troubling ?? Mr. Romney, the transcript was released today. “Deeply troubling” is a republican who won’t back up our President under any circumstances. I just read every last word in the transcript and I found nothing troubling there, nothing. Shame on you sir, shame!! You are a RINO, shame.

  2. Wow, is Chuck Todd stuck in a rut. He is so narrow minded. I saw fairness in Senator Kennedy but definitely not in Chuck. He is so totally Democratic brain washed. As to Romney, the only troubling aspect in this transcript is himself. So the Democrats are still witch hunting huh?

  3. 2 things mentioned in the memo, crowdstrike !!!! Ag Barr!!!! that tells me Barr is looking far and wide on how and who was involved in the attempted coup of Trump, crowdstrike was given the server of the DNC (DNC wouldn’t let our FBI look at it??) crowdstrike came back and said the Russians hacked it, which they haven’t shown one ounce of proof Russians hacked it

  4. Romney has Envious Loser Syndrome (a.k.a. McCain’s Malady, after the best known sufferer). He wants to see Trump taken down more than anything else in the world, even though it wouldn’t do him any good whatsoever and would harm his political party. It’s a disturbing thing to see in a man who claims to be a devout Christian.

        • I think you need to do some serious historical background study. Did you know the mormons have now disavowed the Bible for the book of mormon? Do you know they do not worship the same God? Do you know they believe Joseph Smith sits at the right hand of God? Read the book of Satanism. Where do you think they got the name Moroni? Where is Christian in this mix?

      • Yes, And there is a huge difference!
        Mormons do not have Christian beliefs, they don’t read the Bible, they get their religious instruction from the Book of Mormon.

  5. Perhaps what Romney meant by “troubling” was that his allies Biden, Pelosi, and other high-ranking Dems were about to go down as a result of the contents of the transcript.

  6. Why does the RNC tolerate RINOs like Romney? Can’t they expel members who damage the party with their idiocy like Romney and Weld?

    • Bill Weld is a absolute joke! Before any facts or dialog was seen he was already having Trump executed! WTF??
      He’ll never make it to the primaries.

  7. I suggest we put Mitt on the roof of his station wagon in a dog cage and drive across Death Valley at 10 mph. He might find this very “deeply troubling”. What’s good for the dog is good for the owner.

  8. Why doesn’t this nitwit Romney just change his party affiliation and get it over with?
    How does his never-Trump attitude serve his constituents?
    So many questions, too few answers.
    Just sayin’.

  9. I find Mr Romney very troubling. I did vote for him when he ran for President because he said that Jesus Christ was his Lord and Savior

  10. Mitt Romney,
    The legal analyst stated today that
    There was nothing illegal in the transcript. nothing that could be used for impeachment!
    Someone needs to start impeachment hearings on the “Punishment Party.”

  11. dear mr. Romney you are one of the things that’s wrong with the Republican party and why we should drain the swamp on both sides so the president can get something done we need all new people in Congress that includes Republicans and Democrats you are one of the problems

  12. And I find Mitt Romney deeply troubling. He is the Uncle to the head of the NRC. I sure wish she had some clout with him to get him to stop his nasty remarks about our duly elected President. I voted for him once – will never do it again.

  13. Why doesn’t Romney change his political bent to Liberal Democrat? I regret I ever voted for and donated to his campaign. And I thank God he never became president!

  14. Did you know…….”Mitt Romney’s national security advisor in his 2012 campaign — a career CIA spook who rose to its top levels — sits on the board of directors of Burisma, the Ukrainian gas company that formerly paid Hunter Biden $50k a month despite his complete lack of credentials or qualifications.”

    Also, the ‘Biden-fired’ prosecutor in Ukraine testified under oath that he was fired because of his pursuit of the Hunter Biden deal.

    So Mitt, who is a low life Dem-type has no cred of course. To think that I contributed and voted for him makes it clear like many things have become clear over the past 2 or 3 years. Like all the so-called Conservatives who happily took our money to support their basic lies of supporting America’s Constitution.

    My mom always said see what people do not what they say. Wow was she right!

  15. Sure he would!!! He is involved with all of that Ukraine money as well!!!! This is why they are trying to impeach! The hornets nest has just been jabbed!!!!

  16. Our RINO, Romney should keep his Democrat mouth shut. He is like Joe Biden. He keeps putting his foot in his stupid mouth and he is giving the Repubs a bad name. He should change his party affiliation and bring his sentiments out in the open. But he is a Dem and Capt. Crusader. His job in the Dem party is to cause confusion and to help the cause of the Socialist/Communists in their desire to destroy Free Enterprize and the American way.

  17. Romney always gives me the impression that he views everything as “deeply troubling” — even while staring into the bowl as he flushes his latest “deposit”.


  19. We all know, Mr. Romney, that the word Trump causes you alarm. So what is new? The minute I heard about this mess several names came to my mind. One was yours. Shame on you to carry so much hatred in your heart for another human being.

  20. Hey MUTT, you know there are anti-corruption / mutual investigatory TREATIES with BOTH China AND the Ukraine, right? So there is a bunch of IN-YOUR-FACE corruption and Trump invokes the treaty but because it’s Trump that’s a BAAAAD thang. What a back stabin POS!!!

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