Trump-Hating, Pro-Sanders Nazi Kills Good Samaritans Helping Muslim Teens


Jeremy Christian

The Portland killer who attacked Good Samaritans coming to the aid of two possibly-Muslim teens is a white supremacist and Bernie Sanders supporter. He showed up at an Antifa-Trump protest in March because he also hates Antifas.

His Facebook posts are all anti-Trump and anti-Hillary as well as anti-military, anti-police, anti-Jew, anti-religion, anti-black and so on. He voted for Bernie according to his crazed Facebook posts [See some posts at the end of the article].

Career criminal

Ex-con and career criminal Jeremy Joseph Christian of North Portland is being held without bail at the Multnomah County Jail on charges of aggravated murder, attempted murder, intimidation in the second degree and felon in possession of a restricted weapon. Christian, 35, will be arraigned Monday at the Multnomah County Courthouse, according to the Portland Police Bureau

Jeremy Christian was arrested after hurling hateful insults at two Muslim girls then slashing the throats of two of the men who came to their defense.

One of the victims, an adult male, died at the scene. The other two victims were transported to a hospital in Portland. One was pronounced dead in the hospital and the other was treated for non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

He was screaming anti-everything slurs. In fact, he’s not right or left.

Showed up at Antifa-Trump event

He showed up at a Portland march for Trump because he’s anti-antifa, but he’s also very anti-Trump. He’s a Sanders’ Nazi according to his long rants on Facebook. We’ve included snapshots below in case his page is removed.

At the Antifa-Trump march, he had just goose-stepped through Montavilla Park chanting “nigger” and throwing fascist salutes, wearing an American Revolutionary War flag like a cape [shown in the next link].

Trump supporters reported him to the police. This was after he was kicked out of a free speech event by those very same Trump supporters. The police ignored him.

On his Facebook page, Christian expressed support for “Sanders/Stein 2017″ but the left wants you to see that as a distraction, but it’s not. According to his posts, he hates Trump though he seems to hate Hillary more. [see below]. He expressed no support for Trump.

We’re not blaming left or right. This is just based on his posts.

Anti-Everything and Everyone

He’s not a typical right-winger or left-winger and he might have been on drugs or alcohol. That is to be determined. They also don’t know if he’s insane.

He posted the following on Facebook, according to a writer for the Willamette Week.

“If you support Israel for Zionist homeland for Jews then you should also support Cascadia as a White homeland for whites only racists…”

I’m not Anti-Semitic. I’m Anti-Zionist and Anti-Monotheist.”

He had posted a Facebook message threatening to “shoot to kill POLICE if they ATTEMPT DISARM” anyone openly carrying a firearm to the rally.

The Willamette author said we should ignore his support for Sanders but that’s all he ranted on Facebook.

He has posted a number of times to say that he supports the Nazis, and once said that he wants a job in Norway “cutting off the heads of people that Circumcize (sic) Babies.”

The attacker was “yelling a gamut of anti-Muslim and anti-everything slurs” before he turned his focus on the women, one of whom was wearing a hijab, police Sgt. Pete Simpson said.

After the suspect attacked the victims, he reportedly said, “This is free America, I can do whatever I want” one witness told KOMO news.

He is a career criminal and has been arrested for felony robbery, kidnapping and weapon convictions.  He pled guilty on Nov. 4, 2002 to one count each of first-degree robbery and second-degree kidnapping. There was at least one other serious arrest.

The Facebook posts

Look at a few of his Facebook posts.

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