Trump Is Another Way to Say We’re Fed Up


Donald Trump

Remarkably, pundits and the media continually ask why Trump is leading in the polls? Shouldn’t it be obvious? People are fed up with politicians and the establishment who go to Washington and represent themselves. People are also fed up with the media and their PC rules. Trump takes them both on somewhat fearlessly and with tremendous energy.

It’s not so much that Trump has a message, he is the message.

Americans are looking for a leader who recognizes and is willing to discuss our very serious problems, and for the moment, Trump is perceived as doing that.

Republicans were voted into office in the House and then the Senate to change Washington and to stop Obama, not to work with him and let him act unilaterally. An amazing 71% of the country say we are headed in the wrong direction.

Our president worked out a deal with Iran that allows them to inspect themselves and, if they are threatened by Israel, it probably requires the U.S. to protect their nuclear sites. If IAEA officials are allowed into Iran, they have to wait at least 24 days and there are other delaying tactics in the deal.

The deal helps Iran and their terror surrogates Hezbollah and Hamas but does nothing to help the U.S. and her allies.

No one should be voting for this.

Do you know how Iran celebrated the congressional vote in favor of the deal? They were selling anti-American T-shirts and other paraphernalia in the stores. They will receive $150 billion to use for terrorism which is, for them, equivalent to about $7 trillion.

Corker worked out an amendment to guarantee Obama would have congressional approval for his deal. Why? Is this what Americans want?

People have been waiting for a politician who will speak to the most serious issues and speak honestly, then anti-establishment Trump came along, and to some extent Dr. Carson and Senator Cruz. He spoke of the unnatural wave of immigrants pouring across our borders illegally and unimpeded and he threw political correctness aside to describe the problem.

People are on to the politicians in D.C. and the candidates who ignore the Trump phenomena do so at their own peril.

Trump standing up to the establishment is so refreshing that people are willing to overlook his more extreme language, his suspected flip-flops, his uninformed analysis on some issues, and his seemingly overblown love of self. They’ll forgive it all.

Republicans, who can in no way call themselves conservatives, are criticizing him for not being conservative enough. People see the hypocrisy and they are fed up.

Obama’s professed righteousness and attempts to redirect the American consciousness fall flat. People are tired of his exaggerated climate change, his feeble pacts and resets, his lies, his divisiveness, and his fiats. Many are just as fed up with the dog whistlers in the Republican party.

Republicans keep warning us that they must win the Latino vote to win the presidency when we all know that they never will. It’s a straw man.

We have been giving amnesty to a few thousand people here and a few thousand there over the last several decades but we never had tens of thousands who demanded amnesty. That now has the attention of the country.

We are told there are 12 million illegal immigrants here and we all know that it’s far more than that.

The politicians promise to close the borders but they don’t and they won’t.

Along comes Trump saying he will do something about it and people believe him.

Everyone knows illegal immigration is merely a voting drive for the Democratic party but how many politicians admit it?

We can’t demand photo ID for voting because that’s racism though no one in their right mind believes that.

Males who decide they feel female, can be considered female, without having any surgery or treatment. We all have to go along with this and let them in the ladies room. Where’s the common sense?

The very savage Planned Parenthood can’t be defunded even though they are engaging in partial-birth abortions and killing and dissecting babies that “fall out” or are “ripped out”. Democrats claim this war on babies is a war on women and too many Republicans sit silent.

There is no limit to anything.

When Trump says he wants to Make America Great Again, he is telling people something many Americans feel is desperately needed.

People are looking for a populist and Trump – Sanders for some – meets the definition. He makes people once considered conservative, like Rubio or Walker, look like Eric Cantor.

We know that hands up, don’t shoot which became BlackLivesMatter is a lie and he called them out. Our foreign policy is a mess. ISIS – terrorists far worse than Nazis – are expanding throughout the Middle East and are threatening Americans at home.

Our no-growth, no-job policies have people reeling. He knows it and he uses them as a jumping off point. He’s going to fix the economy, put China in its place and make Mexico pay for a wall.

We give Mexico $50 million a year in aid. That’s more than enough to pay for a wall.

They not only send their poorest and least educated who then send the money back to Mexico, but Mexican officials claim they are sending their best entrepreneurs. Most don’t believe that.

Many see illegals flooding local emergency rooms, filling up jails and driving down schools districts. In Hempstead on Long Island, the school district was recently criticized for poor enrollment policies. More than 1200 illegal immigrant children poured into the district last year and hundreds more this year without the funds to deal with them, but who gets criticized? The school officials do when it’s obviously the government’s fault.

People see this and they know it’s insane. Who would want this? They call us nativists, racists and xenophobes for not wanting it.

Mexican officials call us racists and show no appreciation for the kindness we show to their illegal immigrants despite the fact that they themselves throw their illegal aliens in prison.

They demean us and blame us and they do it with encouragement from Barack Obama. Mexican officials accused Texas of racism recently. If we try to close our borders, we’re racists. The drugs they sell in our country are destroying many young lives but all the blame falls on us.

Donald Trump saw that and he called their leaders out, if somewhat inartfully. He chewed up the treasonous Jorge Ramos, a journalist hack, and he spat him out. He promised he would restore America’s self-respect.

We are becoming a borderless state with foreigners who come here illegally and then demand we hide our flag and who root against us at football games and soccer matches.

People are waiting ten years or longer to immigrate while lawbreakers come in whenever they feel like it and are rewarded for their efforts with entitlements.

More than 300,000 illegal alien criminals are wandering the country ready to kill more Kate Steinle’s and people are sick of it. They are sick of sanctuary cities.

Did Trump whip up bigots, maybe, but one thing is for certain, he whipped up the citizens who want borders, normal voting regulations, talk of unity and exceptionalism, economic growth, and who want their rights protected.

They don’t want a country where professors get paid big bucks to indoctrinate their children in the belief that America is an evil country with an evil history where its citizens owe the world a living as reparations for alleged wrong doing throughout the globe.

People from many diverse backgrounds like Trump for the moment and to discount them and the message they’re sending is foolhardy. Trump is a message more than he is a candidate.




  1. 51% of immigrant households and 76% of immigrant households with children are on welfare as opposed to 30% and 52% respectively for native-born Americans.
    I was listening to Michael Savage interviewing Trump yesterday. I have to tell you he is much more on the ball than folks, especially conservatives give him credit for. He answers questions directly and articulately without dodging. He always ends each topic with “It’s going to stop.” Everything from America being played the fool by every other nation via trade ‘agreements’ to ISIS ravaging the Middle East, to illegals flooding the United States, to education he addressed … and contends all will change if he’s elected.
    The thing about Trump is, if he says it, it most likely will get done. I tend to believe him.

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