Trump Is Closing In On a Record



Donald Trump now has more votes than Mitt Romney or John McCain had at this point in the primary process. He is approaching the record set by George Bush. The populism is winning and Republicans should embrace it because it’s not going anywhere. Cruz and Kasich don’t have to drop out if they want to continue but they aren’t even long shots at this point.

Trump boldly stated that he is the presumptive nominee.

If Trump wins, a lot of people will leave the party. If Cruz wins, a lot of people will leave the party.

Redstate called the Trump voters in the Northeast, April’s fools, liberals and various other pejorative. Basically, they are totally dividing the party. They say anyone who says the real race isn’t Indiana or the contested convention is either media looking to make money off Trump, the drawing card, or if they are conservatives, it’s because they are prone to despair and dismay.

Personally, I support Cruz, who I met in person and liked, though he wasn’t my first, second, or even third choice at the beginning. I will still root for Cruz but reality is reality and the numbers are the numbers.

The reality hasn’t sunk in to Redstate thinkers. The voters are choosing Trump and he’s winning vote in record-breaking numbers. The voters understand his downside and they are willing to forgive him that. They hear a message they like.

Trump not only won five states, he won every county in the five states. It was an extraordinary clean sweep. No one could have predicted it.

Donald Trump had 950 delegates by 11pm EST last night. He won a blowout 105 delegates out of a possible 118.

Where do we stand from here?

Cruz can win Nebraska and Washington State and will likely win Montana and South Dakota, Oregon is split between Kasich and Trump, New Mexico will split with the balance leaning towards Trump. In California, it looks like Trump will win 109 and on the same day, New Jersey which brings him to 1215 delegates. He would only need 22 delegates to win.

Of the unbound 54 delegates in Pennsylvania alone, at least 36 said they will vote for Trump or the person who won their district which is Trump.

In terms of a general election, he has a lot of support in the Northeast, Mississippi, Alabama, Arizona, Nevada, Indiana…it’s throughout the country. He will make the case that he can win states like Pennsylvania. Maybe he can though there are far more Democrats in those states. He will need a much bigger and better turnout.

Senator Cruz said it’s not over.


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