Trump Is in Alabama Promoting Candidate Who Supports McConnell’s Agenda


President Trump endorsed Luther Strange in Alabama and now he will campaign for him this weekend. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is backing Strange as is Karl Rove. Boatloads of money, more than $15 million, has been poured into defeating Strange’s opponent Judge Roy Moore. The money is coming from McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund and Karl Rove’s PAC.

Voters will likely save the President from himself and vote for Judge Moore.

Big Lutha

Moore fully supports the agenda Trump ran on while Strange is McConnell’s good ole boy. McConnell does not appear to support the President’s agenda and Strange has flip-flopped on it. McConnell doesn’t want another senator who will fight him on issues, but he seems okay with John McCain, Lisa Murkowski, and Susan Collins.

With the election on September 26, Judge Roy Moore, the former chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, is well in the lead.

Moore fully supports the agenda Donald Trump ran on. Yet, the President endorsed Luther ‘Big Lutha’ Strange.

“Senator Luther Strange has done a great job representing the people of the Great State of Alabama,” the President tweeted. “He has my complete and total endorsement!”

The President is campaigning for him this weekend. Strange is the establishment candidate, the same establishment that is anti-Trump.

Strange is Mitch McConnell’s, Karl Rove’s good ole boy

Strange is a cohort of Mitch McConnell’s, the Senate Majority Leader who has lied to us repeatedly on issues from the Ex-Im bank to Obamacare to the budget to the tax cuts. McConnell’s own state expanded Obamacare. Does anyone really believe McConnell wants to repeal and replace Obamacare or complete any of the President’s agenda items?

Strange has supported the 60-vote filibuster rule which prevents the President’s agenda from being passed.

McConnell’s worst lie was when he said he would implement a Republican agenda as soon as Republicans had the House, the Senate and the presidency.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s Senate Leadership Fund has already pledged $2.6 million in recent ad buys alone on Strange’s behalf, even though there’s little to no chance of a Democrat’s winning the race.

Luther Strange’s website makes him look like the perfect person to drain the swamp. His website includes a page on “Draining the Swamp” and “Fighting Corruption.” “Luther enjoyed many successes in the fight against Montgomery insiders,” Strange’s campaign website states. “As senator, he’s ready to help President Donald Trump do the same in Washington.”

However, In an April interview with the Washington Examiner, when asked whether he believed that there was a public corruption problem in Washington, Strange replied: “I have not seen that in my short time here.”

So what will he drain?

He was maneuvered into the incumbent position through his sketchy dealings with the disgraced governor who was forced to resign. Strange is a swamp critter.

Most believe former Gov. Bentley appointed Strange to the interim position to get himself a pardon. But State Rep. Ed Henry has a different take based on a conversation with Bentley. He says Bentley said he appointed him to get him out of the AG’s office which is filled with corruption. Bentley denies it. has the story.


Bentley ended up resigning amid scandal while he was under impeachment proceedings. Luther Strange stopped impeachment investigations by the Legislature into Robert Bentley’s misconduct on two occasions.

Columnist Kyle Whitmire wrote that the appointment of Strange set “a new benchmark for Alabama corruption,” adding: “It’s so nakedly political that someone should charge them with indecent exposure.”

There are many credible allegations against Strange, a political swamp critter.

The important point in all this is “Big Luther” Strange will grow McConnell’s power base and at least two of his opponents for the seat, Brooks and Moore, want McConnell to go.

Strange is backed by anti-Trumper Karl Rove and anti-Trump Chamber of Commerce.

Currently, polls show Moore leading by about 30 points.

Moore has secured the endorsements of both Brooks and state Sen. Trip Pittman. Combined, Moore, Brooks, and Pittman got 65.5 percent of the vote in the first round—meaning Trump’s endorsement of Strange did little but limp him through to the next round. Strange only got 32.8 percent, with Trump’s endorsement and millions of dollars spent.

Sean Hannity, the Fox News anchor and nationally syndicated radio host, has endorsed Moore. Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, the father of White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is supporting Moore, as is the staunchly pro-Trump House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC). Most of Trump’s in-state supporters in Alabama are on Moore’s team, like state Rep. Ed Henry—who was a co-chair of Trump’s Alabama campaign.

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, a key early Trump endorser, has endorsed Moore and plans to campaign for him in Alabama this coming week.

Moore supports Trump’s agenda, Strange won’t. For example, Moore supports the RAISE Act but Strange won’t. Moore also supports the president on the Second Amendment and on education policy, as well as trade policy, something Strange refuses to do on each of those things and more.

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6 years ago

Could be a back room deal Trump and Mitch Magoo made, maybe there was a You support Strange and I will support you on X…I believe Harry Reid did a deal with Obama when it came to Yucca Mountain nuclear waste site, Obama Illegally closed the site down and Reid kissed his A@# until he retired ,