Trump Is Right Again! VICE News Chief Admits Protesters Are Paid


As it turns out, we have more evidence some protesters are paid. All we had to do is ask it seems. ABC News’s Bureau Chief Shaunna Thomas was asked on ABC News’ This Week who these protesters are. She said some are paid.

The paid protesters — some paid by [WeAre]UltraViolet[.org] — “helped harness the protests to get those viral moments we ended up seeing,” she said.

This isn’t all a grassroots commie movement as they would have us believe.

Protesters are often paid by the top commies themselves, including George Soros through their far-left organizations. And, as she suggested, the paid protesters make it into the spectacle that gets them headlines.



Thomas formed UltraViolet with Nita Chaudhary, former National Campaigns & Organizing Director of MoveOn, a very far-left organization.

UltraViolet is an “ally organization” associated with the Abortion Care Network, an organization funded by Open Society Foundation’s Communities Against Hate initiative.
Abortion Care Network was awarded a grant for $70,000 over six months to “create a [national] network of social workers uniquely positioned to provide support to abortion providers.”

UltraViolet projected Justice Kavanaugh as a sexual predator.


As President Trump said! These people are paid. They are paid to rile up the people and to get attention any way they can for publicity.

The elevator women in the Flake debacle, for example, were Soros babes. Ana Maria Archila, one of the babes, is the co-executive director for the left-wing group, Center for Popular Democracy and the Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund, which is heavily funded by Soros.


  1. Whatever the hack ABC News’s Bureau Chief Shaunna Thomas is claiming, it’s not proof.

    But there is actual and factual proof of that, including multiple press reports with videos and pictures. Also websites offering and message boards and forums where the details are arranged of payments on the Internet.

    • You’re right about the proof available. I’ve posted some of those ads and people photographed paying protesters. In fact, when I went undercover with one commie org., the crazies were screaming at a man from a Soros org because they didn’t get paid. Some were getting $1200 a month, one criminal was getting more.

      As for Thomas, she is co-founder of UltraViolet and still has her hand in it. She would know if they’re paying protesters.

  2. I never believed anyone had a Doubt these “Protesters” were being paid by the George Soros Foundations!!!!!…..We all know George Soros, the individual who tears down Economy’s and destroys Governments…..His own Country wants him back in chains for a Public Hanging…..they actually need a Wooden Stake !!!!!!

  3. It’s hilarious to me that the Left admit to this. I mean, we ALL know they pay these people…but the very idea of a protest is to demonstrate the NUMBER of people who support your idea. If there are enough, and popular opinion starts going your way…change occurs.

    But when you KNOW that that the protesters are PAID to riot…it’s plain that your position isn’t actually popular. I mean…it’s common sense (which explains why the Dems have lost sight of it).

  4. They will be stepping up their attacks as the economy rebounds….as working people cannot leave their jobs to go protesting…thus as employment grows there will be fewer protesters available…

    • There are still too many brainwashed millennials in mom’s basement willing to pause the Xbox to have a public temper tantrum.

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