Trump Is Right Again! Even HuffPo Says H1-B Visas Are About Depressing Wages


Salaries of software engineers are basically flat. They go up about 2 percent a year. Same for new graduates. This does not support the industry’s claim of a tech labor shortage. Wages are depressed while housing prices rise and home ownership becomes more and more untenable for these workers.

The H1-B visa program also empowers age discrimination. H1-B recipients are younger and cheaper. Thirty-five is over-the-hill.

The dirty secrets are being exposed despite the deceptions of the tech industry titans. These IT jobs only require about three years experience which allows employers to tell more experienced applicants they’re overqualified. They also fill up the job description with unnecessary requirements, making Americans under qualified when it suits them.

Trump is preparing an executive order that will mean higher wages for foreign and American workers. Silicon Valley is building up resistance as one might expect.

The executive order will limit the H-1B program.

Tech companies lie and claim there is “talent shortage” so they can hire cheap labor and that will be severely restricted with this order.

Under this visa program, the company holds a temporary visa. The workers are indentured servants who don’t dare more to another employer and go through the shaky green card process all over again.

That’s how my Dutch ancestors came over in the 1600’s. They paid to be indentured servants for the Dutch East India Company to get to New Amsterdam and had to remain in the positions for about five years.

Tech companies are the new Dutch East India Company.

Foreign workers can’t demand higher wages and move on to other jobs. They’re serf-like and not free to act.

This depresses wages in a field that is vital to the U.S. economy.

Where does this information come from? Surprisingly, the Huffington Post, admitting the obvious.

Read this at HuffPo

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