“Trump Is the Anti-Christ” Screams a Marcher in the Caravan Mob


Someone needs to explain to Democrats the meaning of the word, “refugee”, and it’s not I want a better job or I want a better life. If that is the new definition, we will have to open our borders to the world.

While we are looking at the word “refugee”, we need to consider the definition of “caravan”. This incoming mob are not refugees and their means of conveyance is not by caravan.

As Democrats say they aren’t calling for open borders, they prove they do want open borders by their actions. That is especially true of the Democrat media.

As the 14k-strong march closes in — the mob — comprised of 80 percent men, are screaming about how entitled they are and how responsible we are for their problems. They march with their country’s flag while burning ours. The media gloriously reported that they hate President Trump.

These are people who voted in socialism and communism in their countries and who will — if given the chance — vote it in here as well.


El Universal admits one of the principal organizers of the mob march is the dangerous communist Bartolo Fuentes, who is tied to the Honduran short-lived dictator Manuel Zelaya. They portray us as xenophobes as they try to infiltrate the country with like-minded ideologues hoping to spread communism.

The media hides much of what is going on, but sometimes the truth seeps out. For example, CNN taped one fool yelling about our President being the “antichrist”.

“Donald Trump is the antichrist,” the unidentified man can be heard saying in Spanish during a CNN report aired this weekend on the immigrant caravan that has traveled to the Mexican border from Honduras. “If he doesn’t repent, he’s going to hell,” the man adds.

Go to 00:24:


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John Vieira
John Vieira
5 years ago

Do not believe that males have a “lock” on the “anti-Christ” nomenclature…there is a recent female candidate that appears to have been/still is vying for the position….