Trump Lawyers Respond to Mueller Interview And Will Evade the Perjury Trap


President Trump’s attorneys sent a written counter-offer to special counsel Robert Mueller on a potential interview of the president. They urged him to wrap it up.

“We have responded in writing to the latest proposal from the Office of Special Counsel regarding its request to interview the president,” said attorney Jay Sekulow. “It is not appropriate at this time to comment publicly about the content of that response.”

His attorney, Rudy Giuliani issued a statement which said in part: “Millions of pages of documents, along with testimony from dozens of witnesses, have been provided. We are restating what we have been saying for months. It is time for the Office of Special Counsel to conclude its inquiry without further delay.”

Giuliani has said this is a “good faith” effort.

Questions that are “perjury traps” are off-limits. That would include open-ended, questions like “Why did you fire Comey?” and “What did you say about Flynn?”. As Guiliani said, they have their answers.

They should offer the same deal Hillary Clinton got. When she was interviewed for her endless crimes, she was not under oath, there were no recordings or transcripts, people who could testify against her were given immunity, and the decision was made before she testified.

Plus the people who interviewed her were pro-Hillary.


Did you know about about the perjury trap Mueller obviously has set for President Trump? What it entails is shocking? If the person the agents want to prosecute says something different from a witness they choose to believe, the person is prosecuted for perjury. The target doesn’t even have to lie! They just have to say something different from the person who they decide to believe.

Alan Dershowitz describes the perjury trap towards the end on this clip.



  1. If I were the President I would tell the corrupt RosenstAin to Kiss my Marine Ass and declassify all of the documents, fire RosenstAin and p[lace him under arrest for violating numerous federal statutes prohibiting criminal conduct, such as CONSPIRACY AND FELONEY PERJURY.
    I would immediately appoint a special counsel to investigate RosenstAin, Mueller, Comey, Obama, Hillary and their cartels & syndicates . Mueller needs to be prosecuted for violation of numerous criminal statutes. WHY ARE WE PLAYING POWDERPUFF GAMES WITH THIS GROUP OF CRIMINALS/THUGS. (Don’t tell me I don’t understand the law, because that would be B.S. as I have researched the laws regarding this bullshit bogus scam where Obama & Hillary committed collusion but Trump is being investigated for “collusion” IS EVERYONE IN THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT NUTS??!!

  2. Take heart Mr. Gildersleeve, and know that the plan is coming together. The corruption is so deep and has grown in strength for so long that these criminals are likely to walk because of corruption within our legal system. A special prosecutor can’t do the job and would drag this out for years. Google Huber, google Q. There’s a plan. Trust the plan. Patriots are on it. You’ll see the justice you long for.

  3. Geez, get off this ‘Q’ Crap. One thing Q can be credited with is to sow complacency. Everyone just sit back and “trust the plan” and don’t dare do anything to upset it. Those behind it may very well be ‘insiders’, Insiders that want to keep the status quo because “trust the plan” IS maintaining the status quo.

    A person could hold the belief that maybe, just maybe, Rosenstein is doing something behind the scenes and doesn’t want Congress to upset it all. But when he “testified” about the FISA warrant he specifically said what was “reported” about it wasn’t what he signed off on. Well, we NOW have the document that he DID sign off on and it IS what has been reported. So, he flat out lied in the hearing and is even more evidence that he is in cover-up mode. It also gives more credence to the charge he threatened Congressional staffers Because of the lie in Congress.

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