Trump Looks to Ted Cruz as New AG as His Cabinet Cries “Clusterf**k”


President Trump needs to tread carefully on his relationships with his supporters inside the White House because the Democrats are out gunning for him. Real Clear Politics quoted Luis Gutierrez saying that when the Democrats take the majority, they are going to “eliminate” Trump.

If he fires his most loyal supporter, Trump will have serious problems. If Sessions quits after a barrage of verbal attacks by the President, he will have serious problems.

The President is said to be looking for replacements for Jeff Sessions because Sessions was compelled to recuse himself in the Russia investigation. Rudy Giuliani swatted away the idea it would be him, but word is out that Trump’s looking at Ted Cruz.

The senator, however, is not interested in becoming Trump’s next “beleaguered” attorney general.

Axios reported that President Trump, in one of his hallmark rituals, recently called a longtime political associate and asked out of the blue: “What would happen if I fired Sessions?”

Reflecting the conversations going on inside Trumpworld, the political associate says he replied: “If you’re going to fire people at Justice, don’t you want to save that bullet for Mueller?”

Trump hasn’t slowed down

President Trump blasted Jeff Sessions again this morning just as the roosters crowed.

Trump sent this out this morning.

It’s a “clusterf**k”

There is said to be a visceral internal reaction at the Cabinet level to President Trump’s treatment of Jeff Sessions. One Cabinet secretary who remains unnamed told Erick Erickson, it’s seen as a “clusterf**k”.

Sessions has been Trump’s most loyal supporter and when the going got rough over the Billy Bush tape, Sessions stood by him, though it couldn’t have been easy. Sessions gave up a guaranteed Senate seat for him and for the job he says he “loves”. Cabinet members feel if he can be treated this way, what kind of loyalty can they expect.

Erick Erickson reported this morning that the Cabinet secretaries believe the Washington Post story about Jeff Sessions meeting with Russians came from the White House itself. A senior White House staffer allegedly told Erickson that “The President does not like to fire people, believe it or not. But putting the AG in an untenable position could get him to quit. The President is passive-aggressive.”

Perhaps that senior White House staffer needs to be fired, but nonetheless, that is what he told Erickson.

Firing the most loyal of his Cabinet secretaries will undermine their loyalty for him as Erickson points out. They are in a position to greatly undermine the President.

Erickson, not a Trump supporter during the election, said the Secretary he spoke with explained there will be a Cabinet-level revolt if Trump fires Sessions because if he fires the one who is most loyal, what could happen to them?

CNN reports that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson is becoming “increasingly frustrated” with President Donald Trump and his administration to the point where he is allegedly considering a resignation from his post, and could quit before 2017 ends.

Speaking to CNN, the sources attribute Tillerson’s change of heart to several things, including findings that the Secretary of State was found to have violated U.S. sanctions against Russia while he was CEO of Exxon-Mobile. Another instance is said to have stemmed from the way that Trump recently railed against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, when he said that he would have thought twice before appointing him as AG.

H.R. McMaster is frustrated by what he sees as disorganization and indiscipline on key policy issues inside the White House.”.

Some of the discontent, especially with Tillerson and McMaster, is part of the clash of cultures between the internationalists/globalists and the America First adherents.

Secretary Mattis is also said to be “bothered by it” in reference to the treatment of Sessions. The Cabinet members in general, according to Erickson, do not feel valued any more than the lowest level staff. They see the most loyal of his staff, Jeff Sessions, being treated disloyally.

There is also anger brewing over the lack of appointments to their staff seven months into the administration. Many are held up because they don’t pass the Trump loyalty test, Erickson writes in The Resurgent.

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