Trump Makes a Bold Promise as 3,000 Illegals Flood US Border in 1 Day


The President made a bold promise today, seemingly undaunted by the latest attacks from prosecutors, the media, and Democrats. Never has a President been more under assault and never has one been this courageous in the face of it.

The United States is facing a crisis at the border and the President swears he will stop it.

The Department of Homeland Security nabbed 3,000 illegals in just one day. 

Border Patrol is facing a very serious crisis at the border and it is an invasion. In just one day, they caught 3,000 illegals. Those are the ones they caught.

Kevin K. McAleenan, commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, said more than 1,100 of those caught either jumping the border or trying to come through a border crossing without permission were children, either traveling alone or with parents, and forced on the treacherous journey.

The U.S., in allowing this, is complicit in causing the harm that comes to these youth. Many of the parents are child abusers.

Some of these so-called children are gangbangers and are much older than they claim.

Watch illegals stuff eight-month-old baby under the border wall.

The costs of these anonymous people to the U.S., many of whom are dependents, and others who wish us harm, are prohibitive.


The 15 billion dollar wall will be far cheaper than uncontrolled illegal immigration as the President has pointed out. With that as a background, the President has responded and made a bold promise.

The President is allegedly weakened as he meets with Democrats today and will have no bargaining chips.

President Trump is meeting with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer about the border wall Tuesday morning. Both Democrats have sworn to offer no more than $1 billion for border security but that can’t be used for a wall.

The President was all but finished, a lame duck, after the Southern District of New York prosecutors suggested the President was involved in committing two felonies as outlined in their sentencing filings of Michael Cohen.

He’s not finished and he’s not proven guilty of anything. The President has come out swinging and shows no signs of weakening as he meets with the Democrat leaders to secure funding for a border wall ahead of the funding deadline.

If the Democrats don’t fund the wall, the President will have the military build the border wall.

In a series of five tweets, he praised ICE and Border Patrol, condemned the open borders policies of the Democrats, and dauntlessly promised the “WALL will get built.”


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Willie William
Willie William
5 years ago

There should have been a border patrol agent there when that woman crawled under the wall, pointed his gun at her and told her to crawl back.

5 years ago

As usual, the president has been abandoned by the cowardly republican “leaders” in congress. Those cowards have conceded to the democrats each time for over the past 10 years. There’s no reason to have those cowards in the room.

5 years ago
Reply to  V.Lombardi

They are not criminals, they are typical politicians who take money from business interests to do their bidding. Did you know that most bills that become law are actually written by the attorneys for various special interest groups?? The members of congress is a lot of cases have no idea as to what is actually in the bill that they vote on. There’s a reason why most of them are millionaires after a couple of terms on low six figure salaries.