Trump Makes a Major Announcement Circumventing the Press


Tuesday afternoon, the billionaire founder and CEO of Japan’s Softbank was seen entering the Trump Tower, to meet with the President-elect. A few minutes later, Trump tweeted some words of praise for the Japanese businessman. All the press could do was report on Trump’s tweets. It must drive the media crazy, they’ve been demoted.

As Dow Jones adds, $50 billion of the $100 billion investment will come from a joint investment fund Softbank had set up with Saudi Arabia. Son also said that he set up the meeting with Trump and “likes him very much”, however he declined to comment on his interest in T-Mobile.

We don’t know what investments the Japanese investor will make, or what kinds of jobs he would create. An immediate result for Sprint stock, which SoftBank already owns some 80% of and has been pushing for a merger with T-Mobile, spiked.

Earlier in the day, Trump tweeted the $4 billion Air Force One needed to be canceled, sending the stocks down.

The biggest takeaway is that Fed headlines will spotlight Trump tweets. Trump is circumventing the media and going right to the people through social media.

The elitists in the media must feel left out because they get the news at the same time we do and don’t have time to gin up contempt and disdain beforehand. They’re a bit irrelevant.

Twitter has suggested Trump could be banned if he tweets ‘hate’ messages. If they did that on some trumped up allegation, millions would leave and follow him to wherever he goes. Trump is the best thing that has happened to Twitter.


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