Trump makes obvious remark, stupid media misinterprets it to create a faux controversy


The socialist media has another faux controversy. They claim the President has regrets and second thoughts over raising the tariffs on China when he obviously meant he’d raise them if anything. He might as well escalate, he said, saber-rattling.

While eating breakfast with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson early Sunday morning at the G7 Summit in France, the president was specifically asked by a member of the media whether he boasts “any second thoughts on escalating the trade war with China?”

“Yeah, sure. Why Not … Might as well. Might as well … I have second thoughts about everything,” he replied.

The media is now claiming he never gave it serious thought before leveling the tariffs and never has second thoughts. The soundbite traveled about the leftist media and they are all repeating it like the clucks that they are.

The comment that sent the media into attack mode does not include the word ‘regret’:

Fraudulent conservative Bill Kristol:

MSNBC claims he is sending mixed messages.

This is from the Soros Think Progress guy:

NY Times dope:

Yahoo News said he reversed course. Are they really this stupid?

Lying LA Times:

Trump rep had to explain it to the dimwits:

Of course, any explanation is described as “cleaning up.”

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