Trump at NATO Headquarters Gets Everything He Asked For!


President Trump made several points during his visit at NATO: the U.S. will retake a leadership role; NATO must pay its fair share; and NATO must engage more in the war on terror.

Trump’s enemies  in the media and in congress are condemning his trip even though he walked away with everything he asked for.

NATO has agreed to all his points.

The President has been very frustrated by the open borders policies in Europe that have allowed some very bad people into their countries. He is also demanding that they take a more significant role in the war on terror.

“The NATO of the future must include a great focus on terrorism and immigration. As well as threats from Russia,” Pres. Trump says. Trump is at NATO to talk about the limits of America’s reach and promote “principled realism”.

The U.S. has done a lot of the heavy lifting.

Only five of the twenty-eight nations paid their agreed upon defense payments. They don’t have a defense budget thanks to us. That doesn’t negate the blood and treasure they too have lost in wars, however, it is not comparable to the treasure the U.S. has lost.

There’s a breakdown of each country’s contribution on this link, based on 2016 figures provided by NATO.

“NATO owes massive amounts of money to the U.S..” Trump said Thursday. That comment has angered the left, not because NATO isn’t paying, but because it was embarrassing to the deadbeats.

This lack of payment was an issue for Robert Gates as well and Obama did nothing. This has been going on since 2000.

In tha past, Trump has said the U.S. will meet its obligations if the NATO members meet theirs.

He got results

According to STARS & STRIPES, NATO leaders will agree to join the U.S.-led military coalition against the Islamic State group at a summit on Thursday as well as establish a new counterterrorism cell to better share intelligence on foreign fighters, the alliance’s top official said.

Allies will also answer a demand by President Donald Trump to establish annual plans to ensure members are meeting defense spending targets, a move designed to hold NATO members to account if they fail to increase military expenditures, Stars & Stripes added.

“These (annual plans) will set out how NATO allies intend to meet their pledge so that we continue to match words with action,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said at the start of talks Thursday.

As far as the left is concerned, Nic Burns, the former failed Ambassador to NATO, probably best exemplifies how the left failed and continues to fail. He criticized Trump for asking for the money bluntly and not emphasizing what all NATO members have allegedly contributed. Trump is too direct, he believes. He also complained that Trump didn’t say enough about the threat of Russia.

Burns is the ambassador who failed to get any money from NATO members. Former Ambassador to the U.N. Ric Grenell said it best in tweets Thursday.

AP’s Julie Pace joined the attacks.

Even Stephen Hayes thinks it’s controversial to ask NATO members to make good on their commitments.

Trump’s full remarks:

Flags of the 28 member nations were raised for the first time at the new NATO headquarters.

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