Trump Opinions Make News Obama Policies Create Deadly Chaos


Trump International Hotel Washington, D.C Groundbreaking Ceremony

Hardly a weekly news cycle goes by without some Donald Trump opinion making national headlines. His remark then gets non-stop, overwhelmingly negative coverage from most all mainstream media and establishment politicians. Trump’s smeared with labels such “racist”, “anti-American”, “insensitive”, “liar”, and “divisive”. This even after many of his seemingly “outrageous statements” prove to have merit and subsequently begin enjoying substantial popular support.

Meanwhile, President Barack Obama, has spent 7 years as the nominal, “Leader of the Free World”, fecklessly, unsuccessfully “leading from behind”. During that time, the world, using all objective measures, has devolved into an increasingly darker, more dangerous place. Yet, even as we approach a potentially much more perilous new year, and Obama continues on with his inexplicable, delusional, decision making, Donald Trump’s comments somehow remain the focus of criticism from both reporters and pols.

So, perhaps instead of spotlighting what supposedly, non-PC words private citizen Trump has said, we should critically evaluate what President Obama has done.

This the season for lists so here are Barack’s. We’ll begin cataloging the naughty, both foreign & domestic.

  • Began his presidency with an “I’m sorry about America tour”. How’s that worked out?
  • Ignored young Iranians calling for more freedom. Their “Green Movement” was crushed.
  • Embraced an “Arab Spring” that’s looking more likely to turn into a “Nuclear Winter”.
  • Encouraged the overthrow of an Egyptian leader who was our long time ally.
  • Encouraged a Muslim Brotherhood led regime to take his place in Egypt. They were ousted.
  • Facilitated the overthrow of Libya’s Gaddafi, turning that country into a terrorist hell hole.
  • Left a Libyan consulate unprotected, leading to the death of Ambassador Stevens & 3 other courageous Americans.
  • Announced Syrian leader, Bashar al-Assad “has to go”.
  • Threatened Assad with a “red line” over the use of chemical weapons, and then turned tail.
  • Went to a NYC fund raiser after a commercial passenger airliner was blown from the sky by a Russian made missile, fired by Russian backed “separatists”. Talk about “insensitive”.
  • Gave so much “flexibility” to Vlad, that Putin seized Crimea from Ukraine. Barack did nada.
  • Caved on every crucial point re: the Iranian Nuclear “Negotiations”. Iran recently spiked the football by blatantly violating long standing U.N sanctions against launching ICBM’s.
  • Encouraged hundreds of thousands of illegal, un-vetted immigrants to flood our borders.
  • As terrorism explodes, claims Climate Change is “an immediate risk to our national security”.
  • Doubled the National Debt
  • Lied about you keeping your MD, health plan and saving $2,500 yearly on premiums.
  • Over half of ObamaCare’s, tax payer subsidized non-profit programs have gone bankrupt.
  • Declared ISIS to be the JV Team. Maybe….if he thought JV stood for Jihadi Victory.
  • Phony unemployment numbers be damned, the Labor Force Participation Rate has spent time below even the historic lows seen under Jimmy Carter.
  • Exacerbated virtually every racially centered incident since he took office. Race relations are worse now than when a “historic” Obama was sworn in.

Here’s Barack’s nice list.

  • Bin Laden is dead.

So before another week of tearing apart one of Donald’s bombasts let’s keep some perspective. Nothing in Trump’a language has caused Mid East convulsions, led to millions of displaced or slaughtered innocents, empowered Russia to expand, ruined and made more expensive your healthcare, allowed ISIS to break “containment”, damaged race relations, put unprecedented debt on our kids, or caused a historically sluggish “recovery”.

Donald Trump’s edgy opinions make big news, but it’s Barack Obama’s seven years of inarguably awful policies that have created a world more and more characterized by deadly chaos.

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William August
William August
6 years ago

Another gem from Jim! I have no idea why the republicans have not had the courage to fight in the way we expected them to when we elected them. There are very few brave republicans in congress….. it looks like they never think of what’s right for our country instead of their own net gains….. It’s very discouraging, and has driven large numbers of voters to support Trump, who is capitalizing on the anger and disappointment that is out there. The question is, are there enough of those who would support him or like minded candidates like Ted Cruz to win in a national race for the Presidency?